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Bi-Weekly NFL Power Rankings Ending Week 7

Big Ben and the Steelers are this week's #1 teamAs we approach the half-way point of another excellent NFL season, we see big injuries leading some teams to big downfalls. Also now we seem to be seeing a boom in offense now that the league has cracked down on the helmet to helmet hits.

[adinserter block=”2″]Yes, this crazy season continues, not even Nostradamus could have predicted all of this stuff. New Orleans Saints lose to the Cleveland Browns? The Dallas Cowboys, now without Tony Romo at 1-5? The Colts are in 3rd place? Well we all get it, now it is time to sum it up on who I think is where in the new installment of my NFL Power Rankings. Yes, I have ditched the bi-weekly so I can stay on top of it myself. So sit back, read and relax.

32. Buffalo Bills ( 0-6 ): Oh the “boing” sound a goal post makes. You just knew it would end that way. Experts say the best UFL team can beat the Bills, my money is on the UFL.

31. Carolina Panthers ( 1-5 ): The Moore to Gettis era has begun in Carolina! The who to what era now? At least they graduated from the winless.

30. Detroit Lions ( 1-5 ): Stafford, Hill, Stanton, now Stafford again. It’s a shame they can’t play defense.

29. San Francisco 49ers ( 1-6 ): After the first win, they follow up with a loss to the Panthers? Is Mike Singletary really a motivator?

28. Dallas Cowboys ( 1-5 ): What pop was louder, Romo’s collarbone or the bubble of Dallas and its season balloon?

27. Denver Broncos ( 2-5 ): The Nuggets will need a big second half after Oakland put up 59 points. Oh wait, this is football, OK, the Broncos are in big trouble.

26. Cleveland Browns ( 2-5 ): And to think, they almost cut Colt McCoy. Can I get a Peyton Hillis for MVP petition started?

25. Cincinnati Bengals ( 2-4 ): So, T.O. said ” I don’t even know what our record is”. He does have a sports talk show, and plays for this team, right?

24. San Diego Chargers ( 2-5 ): Showed heart for the first time this season in a tough loss. Plus they did not let up 59 points to Oakland.

23. Minnesota Vikings ( 2-4 ): Is this the end of Brett Favre? Can Tarvaris Jackson save this team? Randy Moss has to be missing New England already.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars ( 3-4 ): Injuries will hurt more each week, the Jags will slowly fade away this year.

21. St. Louis Rams ( 3-4 ): Losing to the Bucs is bad, possible loss of Steven Jackson is worse. With many teams struggling, this still looks kind of good.

20. Oakland Raiders ( 3-4 ): 59 points is 59 points. We have a Darren McFadden sighting too. This team could actually steal the West?

19. Arizona Cardinals ( 3-3 ): Derek Anderson is back, didn’t you hear the toilet flush?

18. Chicago Bears ( 4-3 ): The best WR the Bears have, sadly, is DeAngelo Hall. How fooled were we early in the season? So Cutler said “next time I’d still throw at him all day”, is he serious?

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 4-2 ): Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs? Coach Raheem Morris said “We are number 1”, tell the Falcons that.

16. Miami Dolphins ( 3-3 ): I hate to say “if” but that fumble was huge. This is a talented team that deserves better.

15. Seattle Seahawks ( 4-2 ): Best of the West is like dating the hottest ugly girl, but hey you still called her hot huh? Seahawks can make the playoffs with this team, incredible!

14. Philadelphia Eagles ( 4-3 ): It was Kevin’s job to lose, and he lost it. Vick’s Eagles are a much tougher team. They need this bye week as it gets tough soon.

13. Kansas City Chiefs ( 4-2 ): Insert clever “Bowe Knows” jokes, but as he finds his game, and with an improved running game, this team is not a laugher anymore.

12. Washington Redskins ( 4-3 ): The defense could be just enough to put them in the playoffs.

11. Green Bay Packers ( 4-3 ): If they can stun the Jets, I for one will be a believer again. Rodgers beating Favre finally could loom huge for his confidence and his teams.

10. New Orleans Saints ( 4-3 ): Street cred for winning the Super Bowl is wearing really thin. Losing to the Browns? Madden Curse anyone?

9. Indianapolis Colts ( 4-2 ): Peyton Manning is a great QB, but he now needs to be glue to hold this injury-plagued team together. Texans on Monday night is a massive game.

8. Houston Texans ( 4-2 ): The Indy rematch might be the biggest game in franchise history. Bye week was big to heal nagging injuries as well.

7. Atlanta Falcons ( 5-2 ): Good run team, good pass team, and a workable defense. Is this the best team in the NFC? Record says “yes”, play needs to be more consistent.

6. Tennessee Titans ( 5-2 ): How scary is the thought of this team now having a passing game to go with Chris Johnson? The Titans stayed poised this past weekend after trailing early.

5. New York Giants ( 5-2 ): It is October after all. The Giants will need to avoid the usual mid-season crash now.

4. Baltimore Ravens ( 5-2 ): Go ahead, let Ed Reed come back to form. A scare from the Bills was more or less a look ahead.

[adinserter block=”1″]3. New England Patriots ( 5-1 ): Who would have guessed? Woodhead, Green-Ellis, Tate? The less common the name, the better Brady plays.

2. New York Jets ( 5-1 ): Well rested, now time to be well tested, but Rex and company look to be up to it. There is big time talent here.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers ( 5-1 ): It does not have to always be perfect when you win. This defense is ferocious, and Ben has his long ball back.

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