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Power Book 4 Force: When is Episode 9 Releasing?

The famous drama series Power Book IV is all set to release its new episodes after its previous episodes took to the storm. The crime genre series has already released 8 episodes of its very first season and one can’t avoid watching them. The first episode of the famous series was released on 6th February 2022 and then subsequently the other episodes were released. The name of the first episode was A Short Fuse and a Long Memory.

After the first episode was aired, the fan base of the drama series increased exponentially as people adored it a lot. Since then fans always had an eye on when is the next episode airing. Power Book IV: Force releases an episode every Sunday commencing from 6th Feb. Hence the last episode which was the 8th episode got released last Sunday on 27th March. The name of the episode was ‘He Ain’t Heavy.

Power Book 4 Episode 9 Release Date

Subsequently, the 9th episode of the series was expected to release on the 3rd of April 2022 being Sunday. To everyone’s surprise, the 9th episode wasn’t released today. This certainly infuriated the audience and the makers as well. The executive producer 50 Cent stated that there was a break. On Sunday, April 10, 50 Cent announced on Instagram that the show would return with its ninth episode.

He didn’t elaborate on the reason for the postponement but hinted that it was a Starz decision. “Do you see why I was enraged now?” He captioned the photo, “Smh They don’t comprehend the audience, I know what time it is.” The delay appears to be exacerbating his dissatisfaction with the network, which is home to all of the Power spinoffs.

It is not only the home to power spinoffs but also of his other shows. 50 criticizes Starz’s commercial and creative decisions regularly, threatening to leave the network earlier this year. Starz seldom answers, but sources told a media site that the network’s CEO, Jeffrey Hirsch, was seeking to keep 50 onboard by negotiating a new overall agreement with him.

Hence, the question arises as to when will the 9th episode being released. According to several reports, the upcoming season will be released on 10th April 2022 which is the next Sunday. Hopefully, the same thing won’t be repeated again. The hiatus was a predictable one for many people and fans. This is because when the last episode i.e. the 8th episode was released, Power Book IV: Force took to their official Twitter handle to make a tweet.

The handle tweeted “We need a minute to recover from this week’s episode y’all” Hence it could’ve been easily predicted that there will be a “break” next week. Lastly, we can’t wait for the 9th episode to get released naming “Trust”. The name of the 10th episode that is all set to release on 17th April 2022 is “Family Business”.



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