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Potential WWE Brand Extension and Other Thoughts

AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Sheamus all walk into a bar…

OK, it might have been the start of a really bad joke, but the four WWE superstars all have one thing in common – they won’t be competing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. In a twist of some kind – at least that’s what I am thinking, somehow, some way, Styles and Ziggler have to be part of the next pay-per-view. It’s hard to imagine first that Styles is now being kicked around like an old rock and that Ziggler, who sells better than anyone in these kinds of matches, won’t be part of the festivities in Las Vegas in four weeks.

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If I’m on the outside looking in as a writer, I’m thinking something bigger and better as WWE continues to sell this new era of sports entertainment. The fact these four are not part of the co-main event also proves there is too much talent that is wasted on a weekly and monthly basis. Once again, WWE has a booking problem unless this is a sign of things to come. Maybe this means brand extension is in the near future. By splitting the roster, this new era can focus on getting more out of its stars and potentially bringing back fans who have since left because of the same issues the company has faced in the past.

Since there is a renewed emphasis on a fresh start to the company that Vince McMahon built, then why not change things up a bit and once again form exclusive ties to Raw and Smackdown for wrestlers with the hope of more competition and better ratings.

Maybe this is something the McMahons have already put into action.


Of all the matches on the Extreme Rules card, I was most disappointed with both the WWE Women’s Title match between Charlotte and Natalya and the Asylum Match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho.

The women’s match speaks for itself in its awful angle and its poor booking. The match between Ambrose and Jericho was a glorified version of Monster’s Ball, and it wasn’t as entertaining as I thought it might be. But more to the point, it shows the company is booking Ambrose incorrectly.

Ambrose will never be a WWE world champion with the current gimmick. Although the Lunatic Fringe is over with the fans and is one of the more popular stars on the roster, the “Mick Foley vs. Brian Pillman” shtick cannot sustain as a company champion. In essence, he is a gimmick performer and nothing more. That’s especially true after watching him in the ring with Jericho on Sunday night.

If he is ever to be taken seriously as a legitimate contender, he must be repackaged and branded as a serious threat to the main event. Even with a run at Triple H and two solid matches with Roman Reigns, he could not take over the top spot on the roster. Changes must be made if he is ever to be taken seriously again.


When I see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, I cannot help but think of Hall and Nash when they first arrived in WCW as the Outsiders. I might be crazy, but their style in the ring and aggressiveness is ideal for this new era. The fact they have now been pushed aside by AJ Styles means more ruthless aggression, potentially aimed at their former partner in crime.

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WWE hasn’t had that kind of bully faction since the Shield appeared on the main roster. But now that they are here and appear set to run roughshod over the roster, which team or tandem opposes them? If the combination of the former NJPW is going to work in WWE, there has to be a duo who form the perfect opposition.

Right now, there isn’t a duo who can put together a solid series of matches with them other than the Usos and that feud has about run its course.

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