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Post WWE WrestleMania 28 Thoughts – Inside the Wheelhouse

Now that WrestleMania 28 is in the books here are some of my thoughts on the show as I get ready for the “post WrestleMania 28 show” on this week’s edition of “The Still Real to Us Show!”

– The WWE can bring any singer for WrestleMania to sing “America the beautiful” and I will still take Lilian Garcia over them in a second. Her rendition is and always has been the perfect way to start off any of the WWE shows especially WrestleMania. Glad they had her do it again this year.

– I obviously am in the majority in voicing my displeasure over the World Heavyweight Championship match. I don’t get what it is about the WWE and not wanting to give these two a chance, at leas this year they made out to the ring for the main show. I understand the booking behind it but it would be better served for any other PPV show other then WrestleMania. It’s WrestleMania and two of your best in-ring performers are in the ring…let them go!

[adinserter block=”2″]- On the bright side and yes there is one, Sheamus becoming the World Heavyweight Champion and Daniel Bryan being pissed about losing so quickly will continue this feud for a little while. They will eventually get a PPV stage but I think many people would prefer it to be showcased at Sun Life Stadium last night. Real tough break for Daniel Bryan who after being advertised on the WrestleMania card the last two years still hasn’t had a offensive move. Guess it will make for a good storyline at next year’s WrestleMania.

– In my WrestleMania 28 predictions blog I actually predicted Kane would defeat Randy Orton because the WWE needed one of their big heels to look dominate after the Cena feud. I was surprised to see that most people looked at Orton losing to Kane as a major upset. While I can understand where they are coming from after the way Kane has been booked recently, it needed to happen for storyline purposes and to make Kane look like a top heel again.

– One of the things that I find confusing to me about the win is the way Randy Orton has been booked in the last nine months or so. Since coming to Smackdown Randy Orton has been the best WWE solider on the roster. He continues to put people over and do “good” for the business. Orton putting over Kane tonight shouldn’t be unexpected due to what “good” Randy Orton has done for the WWE lately.

– The Big Show winning the Intercontinental Championship should’ve been expected after the vignettes they ran the last couple of weeks showing Big Show’s misfortunes at WrestleMania. Show got his “WrestleMania moment” last night and more importantly added another title to his huge list of title history. I just hope from a fan’s standpoint that they keep that cool looking “retro” Intercontinental Championship.

– While I would’ve liked to seen Cody Rhodes win and retain the Intercontinental Championship you have to hope this is just the beginning to him being elevated to the main event level. Rhodes is a future World Champion and it wouldn’t shock me if it happens this year. I already can see Rhodes in one of the big main event matches at next year’s WrestleMania. This loss should not reflect poorly on this future main eventer.

– No real shock in the Kelly Kelly/Maria Menounos vs. Beth Phoenix/Eve Torres match. The WWE wants to have that “celebrity moment” every year at WrestleMania so your local news, entertainment show or “gossip” website talks about it. Well they got that after Maria Menounos pinned Beth Phoenix for a second time in her short WWE match career.

– One thing I noticed from the match was how nervous Maria Menounos was before the match. Granted it was in front of 78,000+ but to see her visibly breathing heavy on the ring apron was something I couldn’t believe seeing. Props to her for having respect for the business, wrestling with some sort of rib injury and not making wrestling fans feel like crap watching a celebrity match like we have seen in the past.

– The “End of an Era” Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Triple H was amazing. The storytelling that was being done in that match was why I love watching wrestling. Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels told a story, pulled on your human emotion and made you believe in Wrestling. All the bashing the build up got went out the window as the match they put on in the middle of the ring was a WrestleMania classic, Triple H vs. Undertaker clearly stole the show and now the streak is at 20-0.

– The match in my opinion outshined what they did last year because it added another element in the match this year in Shawn Michaels. For the first time in his career Shawn Michaels told a story without ever throwing a punch or putting on his trunks, that’s how good he was and still is. They gave us an incredible WrestleMania moment at the end of it and I believe this is a match that we will be talking about for sometime.

– I wasn’t overly impressed with Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy and how could you be when you have a 6-on-6 tag team match. I would’ve liked to seen these talents be better used in another match…like, I don’t know…maybe a “Money in the Bank” ladder match!? This was just a way to make the “Interim” GM (why does he still have that title!) become the GM of both shows because John Laurinaitis has been successful as a heel authority figure. I hope this isn’t the last of Teddy Long on WWE TV as he has been a great personality in the WWE the last couple of years he has been on Smackdown.

– The moment of this match was clearly the Zack Ryder/Eve Torres post match spot as she once again (and actually does this time) kicks him in the “you know where” area. This storyline is going to be interesting to watch since it has played a pretty big part on WWE TV the last couple of months. Also another interesting thing to note is The Miz getting the pin after mostly being shunned out of WrestleMania, I wonder how this plays in his role on TV the next couple of months. Also, now that John Laurinaitis has control of both WWE shows look for “Lord Tensai” to debut tonight on RAW as expected.

– I don’t know what it was about the CM Punk/Chris Jericho match that never really connected with the fans. I don’t know if it was because maybe the crowd was rode such an emotional high after Undertaker/Triple H or if it didn’t translate well in the ring but it looked like it stalled until the final five minutes of the match. These two are without a doubt two of the “best wrestlers in the world” and had high expectations for WrestleMania, maybe that’s what made this match be looked so closely by the “wrestling fan microscope.”

– The final sequence to close out the match was terrific. I really liked the back and forth spots they did because you just didn’t know who was going to get the upper hand and that’s what made the final part of the match really fun. Hopefully this is the first installment of a great CM Punk/Chris Jericho feud as these two will put on a tremendous show every time they get in the ring. Great to see CM Punk retain because a win over a wrestling legend like Jericho is a great thing for Punk’s prospering Wrestling career.

– On April 4th, 2011 this match was announced, nearly one year before the actual event and last night was finally the night we saw The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28.

– I don’t know what the big fuss was all about when it came to the musical entrances before the match. To me it made it feel like a big match and it certainly was. It may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but it set the table for making it feel like the big match the WWE has hyping it as the last year.

– Because of all the hype the match received it felt like this match feel just a little bit short of the expectations fans had for it. I don’t know who’s to blame but it just felt like The Rock and John Cena never got in sync with one another, the chemistry was off from the opening bell to literally the last spot where The Rock hit “the rock bottom.” They just didn’t seem to flow together so smoothly to make a great match.

– One thing that I noticed was how much stronger Cena was booked over The Rock. For a good portion of the match Cena got the offense and this was a guy who moments before coming out was said to be “the underdog.” I don’t know why Cena got so much offense but if you are going to book him to look strong then don’t bill him to the fans as an “underdog,” it was very surprising booking to be honest.

– The finish was pretty good as it told the story that John Cena was “so close” to beating The Rock but made the mistake of getting cocky and looking to do The Rock’s move “the people’s elbow.” Cena slipped up, Rock caught him and won the match. The storyline is definitely set for another (or a couple more) Cena vs. Rock match and I’m fine with that because it gives us an Ali/Frazier feud in professional wrestling the next couple of years.

[adinserter block=”1″]- Say what you want about the show, give it a letter grade, give it a numerical grade on a scale, give it stars or give it thumbs up or down but no matter what you say WrestleMania 28 was a fun show and something that every single wrestling fan looks forward to on a yearly basis. I had fun watching the show and look forward to it every year. Many thanks go out to the WWE and their wrestlers tonight for entertaining millions of their fans on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

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