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Possibly TNA Wrestling Knockouts Challengers for Gail Kim

A couple of weeks ago, Gail Kim interrupted a number one contender’s match with Brooke, ODB and Velvet Sky to determine who would be the next one to go after Gail’s TNA Knockouts Championship. Gail would then state that she defeated everyone that was on the roster and wanted someone new and fresh to go against her. Gail would also say that whoever would defeat her, would get a shot at the championship in a match. Last week, the start of the Gail Kim challenge came about as the first one to accept the challenge was Hannah Blossom from OVW. Hannah would lose the match leading to the next challenge in the saga of who will be the one to face off against Gail Kim to get a shot at the title.

[adinserter block=”1″]A couple of days ago, Impact Wrestling released a video stating that a “blonde” challenged Gail Kim on Turning Point tonight. Gail would then say that she is not scared of this “blonde” and will defeat her in the ring like she did last week. The other blonde I can think of is Hannah’s twin, Holly or maybe someone from the Independent Scene like Amber O’Neal, Candice Larae, Jesse Belle, and Rosita (she dyed her hair blonde recently). I can think of many other blondes, but those are the ones I can think of the top of my head.

Now, I am not trying to label anyone by the color of their hair because to me, if someone can challenge Gail Kim then someone can challenge her regardless of the skin color, their hair color, their height, or weight because that doesn’t matter to me. What I care about is who can challenge Gail Kim and give her a run for her money. So here are some possible challengers I can see facing Gail Kim.

Sarita: Sarita has been in TNA, but she was rarely used to the hype of her potential. Sarita NEVER received a shot at the Knockouts Championship during her time in TNA. An amazing wrestler that wrestled in Japan and currently wrestling in Mexico, I can see Sarita coming in, wrestling Gail Kim and getting that shot at the title. Gail against Sarita is always a dream match for me and this is something I really want to see.

Ivelisse: Another wrestler I want to see give Gail Kim a run for her money. Ivelisse has stated that she does want a shot at Gail Kim and I think everyone that fans of hers want to see Ivelisse give Gail that match that everyone is going to be talking about. The both of them have similar styles in the ring with technical, high flying and using submission’s to their move set here. Ivelisse was apart of the Gut Check Challenge where she didn’t win a contract in TNA and also would compete in the Knockouts Pay per View in which she lost to Lei’d Tapa. If I can recommend a match of hers, I would watch Lufisto vs. Ivelisse from SHINE 7. It was hard hitting and Lufisto really brought the best out of her.

Angelina Love: A fan favorite. Back in 2012 before she left, I was thinking that Angelina Love would be the next one to challenge Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship of that year. Turns out she wasn’t the next one as she would leave the company. A lot of her fans want to see her back in TNA, but right now, she is doing fine on the Independent Scene and doing well in other stuff such as being in fitness contests.

Gail Kim and Angelina Love did face off against each other back at Victory Road in 2008 where Gail and she would be in some type of rivalry with one another because Angelina cost Gail a shot at the title and Angelina saying that she was sick and tired of being pushed behind and not showing off her talents. I’m sure an appearance by Angelina wouldn’t hurt and plus, I want to hear her theme song again.

[adinserter block=”2″]Those are the ones that I want to see face off against Gail Kim. The list is long, but those are the ones that come to the top of my head first. Gail is my favorite Women’s Wrestler as I consider her one of the best out there, but I’m sure there are a lot of women out there that can give her the run for the money.

To finish this off, I’m going to ask everyone that reads CCB on a daily bases this question: Who would you like to see face off against Gail Kim? Is it the ones that I have stated above or is there anyone that you would like to see?

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