Popular Adult Costumes For Halloween

Enchanting FairyAfter tirelessly trying to figure out what the top ten sci-fi/fantasy costumes would be this year, I have embarked on another mission to help you, dear reader, decide what to wear for Halloween 2009. After all, deciding on a costume can be so stressful and who needs added stress? Now, I used my old friend Google.com and uncovered a wealth of useful information I’d like to share with everyone.

According to Associated Content, Mary McCarthy’s article on Suite101, and Halloween Scene two of the most popular costume themes for this year are the 80’s and fairytales. In the ‘80s category, I have come across ‘80s pop star for men, ’80s pop star for women, and a slew of Michael Jackson costumes. There is also a throwback to the ’70s with the Disco Mama and jumpsuit outfits.

For the kids at heart, there are plenty of great themes to choose from. For men, there is a knight in shining armor, one of the three musketeers, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and a werewolf costume. In women’s costuming, we have the Queen of Hearts ,Mother Nature , faeries, and an empress. The world of fairytales and storybooks has a wide variety of costumes sure to please any adult who fondly remembers the old children’s tales.

Of course, sexy costumes, especially for women, are always trendy on Halloween. So ladies, if you want to vamp it up this Halloween and yet want to steer clear of tried and true themes, have no fear! You still have some excellent choices for sexy costumes this year which include: the True Blue Fairy, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter, a Go-Go Girl, and the ever popular Pirate Wench.

It also seems like no matter what, superhero and movie costumes are always in style. With the release of Watchmen and the more recent Star Trek, you can don the masks of Silk Spectre II, Rorschach, and the the Watchmen Comedian. Or if you’re feeling intergalactic, there are always the numerous Transformers, Star Trek, and Star Wars costumes to choose from. Other options include Iron Man, Spiderman, Donnie Darko, one of the Power Rangers, Sweeney Todd, GI Joe , Poison Ivy, and Emma Frost . Classic Disney figures such as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine and Aladdin
are never out of style.

With the economy being abysmal, humorous costumes also promise to be a hit this year. It also will make the owner of said costume memorable at any party they may attend. There is the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, SNL Spartan Cheerleader, Moon Man , a tabloid magazine, Lobster in a Pot, Illegal Alien, Strawberry Daquiri,
the Trix Rabbit
, and the Yellow Brick Road.

No matter what your taste, the current popular Halloween costumes should have something for everyone to enjoy. From the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, the Comedian, Michael Jackson, and the Queen of Hearts, there is a wide variety of costumes to browse through so you can find the perfect match. Happy costume hunting!



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