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Plans For Tough Enough Season Two Underway

Stone Cold Steve Austin will be at WrestleMania 27It would appear that the USA Network has renewed WWE Tough Enough for a second season on their network. The reality television show which awards the winner a WWE contract will be coming back with new kids, a new season, and hopefully Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Nothing official has been released although it appears that preparations for a new season are already underway. Tough Enough 2011 coach Bill DeMott sent out a tweet on Monday which confirms that indeed, Tough Enough is coming back. DeMott casually tweeted on Monday morning.

Get your head out of your A** and watch @wwetoughenough…than sign up for season 2 and experience the Whole Damn Thing!

[adinserter block=”2″]Now I poked around the Tough Enough website and Tough Enough’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter and saw nothing about tryouts. However, DeMott’s tweet has now been up for almost 24 hours. If it was a mistake or error, I am sure he would have pulled a Kurt Angle and deleted it by now. To me, this is confirmation of a second season.

I absolutely love Tough Enough this season and in the five seasons of the show, this season is far and away my favorite. To be honest, I think it all comes down to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is just tremendous on the show and his promos during elimination (sans for this week) are far and away the best pro wrestling promos in the business today and maybe for the last several years. Austin is the difference and for me, it is must-see television.

The show is a USA Network production and it appears there have already been a few conflicts with the WWE. Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler made a guest appearance on this week’s show. It was Keibler’s first WWE appearance in years. Guess what? It was never promoted on WWE television. The website is promoting Bret Hart for next week which is in theory a big deal. I see nothing about his appearance on today.

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The show was criticized before the season for the minimal amount of independent pro wrestlers it included in the Tough Enough cast. I know for a fact that several well known independent pro wrestlers were contacted about doing the show yet most reports indicate that the production company opted to go with less experienced wrestlers. Matt Capiccioni formerly known as MDogg 20 was the only real well known indy wrestler to make the show and he was gone after two weeks. It will be interesting to see if any well known independent wrestlers make the cut for the next season.

Overall I am not that crazy about the cast this season. It appears that they have one clear cut favorite in Luke with the rest of the pack following far behind him. I also haven’t seen anyone yet with the swagger needed to be a WWE superstar. Ryan of all people has come closest with his promo during elimination this past week. Then again if you look back at past season winners, I don’t remember any of them with any kind of flamboyant personality. The most successful winner John Morrison hardly showed anywhere close to the charisma he has now when he was on the show so who knows?

One thing to keep in mind this season is that some of the most successful Tough Enough alumni were pro wrestlers that actually didn’t win the show. The current WWE champion, The Miz did not win his season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of the kids signed up to WWE developmental deals and reappearing at some point down the line on RAW or SmackDown. Especially the big guys like Eric Watts, Jeremiah Riggs, Andy Leavine, and of course Luke being offered deals if they don’t win the show. Frankly, you are probably better off getting the exposure, losing, and then getting a developmental deal as opposed to winning with all of the pressures that come with it. Winners are expected to produce right away whereas the losers can take the time to learn in developmental the right way.

[adinserter block=”1″]The ratings for the show have been a mixed bag. The Tough Enough season premiere rating was a huge success generating 3.3 million viewers and even beat The Ultimate Fighter season 13 premiere with featured WWE superstar Brock Lesnar. The Tough Enough second week ratings were way down and week three ratings aren’t available yet. Obviously the network is ecstatic about the ratings down or not to already be planning a second season.

It will also be interesting to see what kind of tinkering they do with the second season. Again, I can only hope Stone Cold Steve Austin sticks around. Of all the coaches, Trish Stratus and Booker T haven’t really done a whole heck of a lot so I think they are interchangeable. I know a lot of people don’t like Bill DeMott but he really is great in his role although honestly they could put any three former WWE wrestlers in there as long as Steve Austin sticks around.

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