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Plane Carrying More Than 130 Passengers Crashes in China, Casualties Unknown

About 132 people were on board at the time of the crash.

A Boeing plane carrying passengers has crashed in China and had completely disintegrated after the crash while sparking a fire around the area of the crash. According to witnesses, the plane took a huge dive in mid-air and crashed into the land.

The emergency rescue teams have been called to the rescue and the current number of casualties is yet to be known. Here are more details about the accident:

What Happened?

Boeing 737 of China apparently crashed in the southern province of Guangxi on Monday. According to a statement by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the crash occurred near Teng county’s Wuzhou city. It has been reported that the flight was flying from Kunming in Yunan’s western province towards the industrial center of Guangzhou along the east coast.

According to reports, the flight departed at 1:11 PM from the Kunming city and was scheduled to land in Guangzhou at 3:05 PM, however, the radar showed that the plane made a very deep descent all of a sudden, and the contact with the flight was lost over the skies of Wuzhou city.

At the time of disappearance, the plane was flying at an altitude of 29, 100 feet at 06:20 AM GMT, but from the next flight-tracking service data by FlishtRadar24 about 135 seconds later, it was found that the plane has descended to 9, 075 feet.

About 20 seconds later, the plane was reported to be at 3, 225 feet traveling at the speed of 376 knots per hour. The last time the plane was tracked was at 2:22 PM.

The Aftermath

The initial reports said that the plane was carrying 123 passengers which were later updated to a count of 133 people on board the plane which included 123 passengers and nine crew members. The Boeing 737 crashed and caused a huge forest fire in the mountains of Southern China.

According to media, an official claimed that the plane has completely disintegrated and sparked a fire on the crash site while destroying the bamboos which were later put out. Officials are currently fearing that there are no survivors and all 133 people are supposedly dead.

Video of Last Appearance of Flight Viral

Bone-chilling footage has appeared on the internet that shows the Boeing 737 taking a straight nosedive into the ground and crashing. The footage was apparently caught in the security camera of a local mining company near the site of the crash.

The huge decline that was reported took place in seconds while in reality, the descent from such a high altitude usually takes about 30 minutes by a plane. A local villager from the crash site claimed that the plane had completely fallen apart and the nearby forest was destroyed by a fire.



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