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Pixar’s Lightyear: Is a Sequel Coming?

Never say never.

The movies these days are always looking for potential chances to set up a franchise and continue with the story in the form of prequels, sequels, spin-offs, or even TV series. Disney in particular is a prime example of that, and nothing less can be said for its latest product.

Lightyear is not really a Toy Story sequel or even a prequel. The movie stands alone for itself but that does not mean that it will not try to expand its existence. The movie was released just a few days ago and fans are already speculating if there are chances for a sequel happening.

Today we tell you everything we know about it so far:

What Is Lightyear About?

Lightyear is a spin-off of the popular Toy Story franchise and it features the story of Buzz Lightyear, a young astronaut. Buzz is stranded on a distant planet along with his crew and commanding officer Alisha Hawthorne and he takes it upon himself to save his crew and return home with them safely.

Will the Movie Have a Sequel?

Well, the first thing it takes for a sequel to be greenlit is to check if the movie is a huge success both in terms of reception and earnings. As for the reception, the movie so far has seen mixed reviews from the audience and critics. The reason is not that the movie is bad but because the Toy Story movies have set the bar so high that people really had great expectations.

As for earnings, it is predicted that the movie might make $70 million at the very least in its opening week. The fanbase of the Toy Story franchise has given pretty good and positive reviews so it might be possible that the movie might make more and become a commercial success. So the chance for a sequel is definitely not zero.

Does the Movie Set Up a Sequel?

There were many post-credits scenes in the movie and a lot of them gave us the indication that there are potential adventures ahead. Also, by the end of the movie, we certainly saw that the villain Zurg’s body that was floating aimlessly in space suddenly opens its glowing eyes so which is a clear indication that the villain of the movie is nowhere near dead.

Lightyear director Angus MacLane showed his interest in exploring more into the adventures of Buzz as well. He claimed that there were a lot of stories to be explored in the fictional universe.

Release Date Prediction

Even if a sequel does happen, it might take a while. Lightyear itself began production back in 2016 and was released 6 years later so the same could be said for the sequel. So even if they announce a sequel this year, it will be at least 2024 before the sequel is released.

As of now, there are no signs of a sequel happening and we might have to wait for how the audience responds to the movie before a sequel can be greenlit.



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