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Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison’s Big Mouth Is At It Again

As an NFL fan, I am so ready for this lockout to end, and I am sure the players are as well. I am hoping they are all somehow getting themselves in shape physically and mentally for the upcoming (fingers crossed) 2011 season.

That being sad, I see that ONE NFL player, Steeler Linebacker James Harrison already has his big mouth ready. He did an interview in the August Issue of Men’s Journal Magazine that comes out this Friday, and there are excerpts that have already come out, and some of them are head scratchers.

Most NFL fans are aware that the NFL starting in the middle of last season, started cracking down on these ultra violent hits. I am a very old school fan. I am FOR SAFETY, but I watched NFL back in the day where you had guys like Montana, Elway, Bradshaw, Kelly, Stabler, Staubach, etc who were what I call “part of the team.” What I mean is that defenders like Mean Joe Greene, Bruce Smith, etc, etc were allowed to hit the QB. Today, you can’t hit the QB. Too many rules protecting them. Now, defenses can’t hit the “defenseless” runner, and all these nutty rules. I am all for safety, after all, there is life after football, but teams should be allowed to play defense, and the refs need to officiate the rules the same.

[adinserter block=”2″]Quite a few defensive players are not happy with these knee jerk rule changes, and the most vocal of them is James Harrison. As most fans are aware, he has accumulated the most fines in 2010 due to these so called “illegal hits.” James Harrison has been very, VERY vocal against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In this Men’s Journal interview, he really gets nasty, and I think he goes too far. Mind you, I am writing this blog based on excerpts, but when I read them, I HAD to say something.

In one excerpt, Harrison says “If that man [Goodell] was on fire, and I had to piss on him to put him out, I wouldn’t do it.” Harrison goes on to say “I hate him, and will never respect him.” Harrison then goes on to call Goodell an anti gay slur, and a “puppet,” and “dictator.” Really James? I mean, it is one thing to disagree with the Commissioner about the rule changes and such. However, calling him names and not giving him respect is wrong, and it is a bad example to set for fans, especially young ones. Unless the person in authority is doing something atrocious, he or she should be respected.

In another couple of excerpts,James Harrison STILL whining about the Patriots. He referred to former Patriot greats Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi as “clowns.” Harrison also cries about how he ” should have another ring,” and moans about how “We were the best team in football in 2004,” and bawls about how “The Patriots stole our signals and picked up 90% of our blitzes [in the 2004/05 AFC Championship Game].” Harrison then pulls the Spygate card calling the New England Patriots , “Goodell’s boys.” He also made an idiotic comment about how the Patriots’ rings should be “rescinded but Goodell won’t do it.” Child please.

Earth to James Harrison, 2007 called, and it wants its scandal back. Enough with Spygate already. This is 2011. I mean, when the Chicago White Sox won the World Series in 2005, I don’t remember anyone bringing up the 1919 Scandal. Let the damn Spygate rest already. Besides, no one is going to “rescind any rings” like you said in the interview. This is not the NCAA. Besides, James, if the 2004 Steelers were all that, why were they nearly ONE AND DONE in the playoffs that year, or did you forget that? You all barely beat the JETS AT HOME in that division playoff. If that David Brien had made just ONE of those kicks, the 2004 Steelers would have been one and done. However, it is just easy to blame crap on Spygate. Honestly, I think YOU are the “clown,” James.

James’ hatred toward Bruschi and Rodney Harrison is quite evident, but I had NO idea he had some ill will towards his OWN TEAMMATES as well. Evidently, according to the football blog,, in another excerpt, James Harrison called out Steeler running back, Rashard Mendenhall a “fumbling machine,” in his criticism of Mendenhall’s performance in the Super Bowl. He also said that “Big Ben was not Peyton Manning. He just gets paid like him.” Harrison also went on to slam Ben about the picks he threw in the Super Bowl.

[adinserter block=”1″]Again, earth to Harrison, what is up with you? Sure, you are going to bash other players, but YOUR OWN TEAMMATES??? What is wrong with you, man?? Mendenhall’s stats for the 2010 season was 324 carries and TWO fumbles. Yeah, yeah, he had the two fumbles in the playoffs, including that one in the Super Bowl, but seriously…..he is a “fumbling machine?” Really?? Now to Ben, GOOD GRIEF. James, there is already the misconception amongst fans and NFL players, and the biased commentators on both NFL Network and ESPN that Ben is NOT an elite QB like Peyton Manning. I don’t think it is necessary for a man who is his OWN TEAMMATE to reinforce that myth. I mean, to create unnecessary drama in the locker room is not being a good teammate. Sure, the Super Bowl loss hurts, but that isn’t a reason to throw your QB and other teammates under the bus.

For decades, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been “the model franchise.” The Rooney family have a reputation for being nothing but class, and having players on their teams who they consider hard working, and being of good character. In other words, they want players doing things the “Steeler way.” I mean, if a player acts out, they either ship up, or ship out. The past few off seasons have not been kind to the Rooney family . They had to put up with their players becoming pretty dysfunctional, and now more drama with James Harrison. What they will end up doing with Harrison remains to be seen, especially since he is saying this stuff during this lockout. I hope either the Steelers and/or the league come down hard on Harrison because he is becoming an embarrassment to the Steeler Organization, and an embarrassment to the NFL.

My final piece of advice to Mr. James Harrison: Grow up, and as former WWE wrestler, and Fozzy front man Chris Jericho would say, “Would you please SHUT THE HELL UP!!

Terri Bey currently blogs for about Wrestling, NFL, and other sports/pop culture related subjects. Her work has appeared in BleacherReport and for Terri can be found here at Facebook- and at Twitter-

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