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‘Pistol’: Danny Boyle’s Limited Series Based on Sex Pistols Coming Soon

This is a series that music fans just can’t pass on.

Sex Pistols is a name very few might have not heard of, and those who have, know really well about their fascinating story. FX is now bringing us a brand new series ‘Pistol’ based on the very same story of Sex Pistols.

We recently got a first look at the upcoming series that will be directed by Danny Boyle and it certainly has gotten our hopes up about the series. Here is everything we know about ‘Pistol’ so far:

What are Sex Pistols?

The Sex Pistols were a punk rock band based around in London formed in 1975. Despite their popularity, the band only lasted for two and a half years but their contribution to popular music was immense and groundbreaking. They initiated the very first punk movement in the United Kingdom and many punk and alternative rock artists and musicians still take inspiration from the band.

Their appearances have come to be the very own image of punk rock and their fashion sense and hairstyle have become the very definition of punk. The band is very often associated with anarchism in music.

What is ‘Pistol’ About?

Pistol’s story will be based on the memoir of Sex Pistols’ guitarist Steve Jones, ‘Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol’. The story will bring the rage-filled world that the band often mentioned in their music to life.

The first look of the series came in the form of two pictures. Both pictures feature all the band members sharing the frame together. The first picture gives the iconic look of the band along with the punk aesthetic that the band was synonymous with. The other picture features the band members setting up a concert for a tour as they appear in street clothes.

The two pictures are an indication of what the series will be portraying and it is clear that they are bringing the original Sex Pistols to life and will feature the punk rock aesthetic that the band always carried.

‘Pistol’ Cast and Release Date

Toby Wallace will be playing the character of Jones, Anson Boon will be portraying the role of the lead vocalist John Lydon, Christian Lees will be Glen Matlock the bassist, and Louis Partridge will play the role of the bassist Sid Vicious.

Jacob Slater will be Paul Cook, Thomas Brodie-Sangster will play the role of Pistol’s Manager, and Maisie Williams will portray the punk icon Jordan. Danny Boyle will be the director and executive producer of the series that is written by Craig Pearce. The story will be primarily focused on Jones and his life.              

The series premieres on Hulu on 31st May. The casting looks perfect for this one and the fans are really excited to see their favorite band as a whole again on the small screen.



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