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Piitsburgh Penguins Need to Show their Mettle

Sidney Crosby is out with a concussionLosing the precious services of Sidney Crosby would be a big enough blow to any NHL franchise, but losing Crosby indefinitely with a concussion and having to deal with Evgeni Malkin missing for the next six months due to a severe knee injury is a setback that would surely leave any club believing they are destined not to reach the playoffs this season.

[adinserter block=”2″]With Malkin widely regarded as the stand out performer in the 2009 playoffs, the Penguins know that they will be missing a man who has not only shown he can light up the Eastern Conference but can also make a huge difference when players step up to another level in the playoffs and anyone looking to place an ice hockey bet should remember this.

Despite this, the Penguins need to keep up the frantic pace that has seen them stay second in a hugely competitive Atlantic division, whilst picking up a stellar record on the road that has seen them make up to some extent for a slightly disappointing home record. However, should the Penguins fail to continue to pick up the points required to make the playoffs, their fantastic recent post season record will be in tatters and the franchise will have to start thinking about whether or not they really have the strength in depth to compete in such a competitive division.

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[adinserter block=”1″]With Crosby’s return date changing all the time, and with Malkin now out for the rest of the season, the Penguins will need their fans to raise their noise levels and start making sure that those players who have been recalled to the Penguins’ roster are able to adapt as quickly as possible to the way the team plays. Should this fail to happen, the Penguins will know that they face their franchise missing out on a great chance to continue to exert its dominance on the NHL.

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