Trick-Or-Treat – Picking Your Halloween Costume


Wonder Woman Halloween CostumeSitting here thinking about what I am going to write, I keep reminiscing about my trick-or-treating days and the most popular costumes then. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, C-3PO, R2-D2 and the rest were the boys’ heroes then. Wonder Woman and Princess Leia pretty much summed up the girls choices and how many times could you dress-up like them? I loved Wonder Woman and I made my own outfit, I had the Invisible Plane, Lasso of Truth, and Protective Bracelets. I wore that every week when I watched the show and it wasn’t a costume!

Now I know your saying to yourself, “what about Cinderella and Snow White?” Of course I liked them, but being the oldest of 4 and the only girl, I wanted to be just as tough and cool as my brothers. Trust me when I say brothers are great at teasing without a reason and if I wore a frilly costume it would have been torture for me. Looking back I can’t help but smile, they were some of the best times I had. Halloween is a day when you get to be anyone you want and I believe adults need that to feel that just as much or more then kids do.

[adinserter block=”1″]The hardest part about costumes is deciding what you want to be. I am amazed at the variety of places that now sell Halloween costumes. I was in a “gas and stop” the other day and they had a display of Halloween stuff set up including things you could get and throw a costume together with! Bigger stores are selling products that you used to have to go to four or five places to get. You can buy your groceries, get your tires changed, have your eyes checked, get your portrait taken and pick your costume all at the same time.

There are stores now that only open for the next month or two and sell nothing but costumes. I found a great article on The New York Times website’s Real Estate section that explains the rise in popularity of them. Todd Kenig, who has 19 stores in the New York area, talks about these temporary Halloween shops. The stores have Halloween merchandise…”ranging from fake blood ($1.99) to elaborate costumes that can cost as much as $199″. Plenty of sites have information about these stores and tell you where you can find one near you. All the them are easy to find on any of the search engines.

Another way to find a costume is online. The Lifestyle section, on the Associated Content website, has a great page titled, Websites that Sell Inexpensive Halloween Costumes. There’s tons of information about prices, selections and links to other sites. The article talks about the convenience and price advantage being the major benefit to shopping online. “The only downfall is that you won’t be able to actually try on the costume to make sure that it fits.” So if ordering your costumes online is something your thinking about doing, I would suggest starting to look now. This way you have time to return before Halloween if there are any problems.

Personally I love to make my own, which I may have mentioned once or twice already. Make Your Own Halloween Costumes on is a good one to start with and may be the only one you‘ll need. This page has more links then I can count with ideas for all ages. An example of a costume is called Artist Costume which I found on the article “Fast and Simple Last-Minute Costumes”. “The main supplies are: a piece of cardboard, paint and a paintbrush” and it explains step by step what to do. There’s also links for things like “Halloween Make-up Ideas and Recipes” and “Making Masks.”

I don’t think there is a best way to get a costume, each have pros and cons. People have unique talents and challenges so what may be the perfect idea for me, may be the worst for you. The first step is to decide what you want to be and the only limit to that is to your imagination. Have fun with it! Remember the pure joy and excitement you felt deciding what you wanted to be when you were little. If you can’t remember that feeling, just watch a child shopping for theirs.

[adinserter block=”2″]My next post is going to be about crafts, decorations, and trick-or-treaters. I have a few favorite ideas to share and I’ve been finding a lot more. So if you have any ideas don’t forget to post a comment and share it with everyone. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope everyone is enjoying the last few official days of summer!

Peace and Take Care

Colleen Hamson is a mother of two talented, beautiful, and yes, sometimes difficult teenage girls. Aside from writing and working for almost 25yrs in retail, she also is a Certified Massage Therapist and photographer. She is in the process of getting her own website off the ground and will have details regarding it very soon.

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