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A Philosophical Stance on the Mystery General Manager of WWE Raw

JBLTo be completely honest with all of you, I haven’t been able to watch WWE Raw since this whole “Mystery General Manager” storyline started, but I’ve been receiving text messages from WWE, as well listening to podcasts from Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer from Figure Four Weekly/Wrestling, along with several other wrestling radio/internet shows, and it seems like the whole “Michael Cole get’s an email, stands up, and announces the orders of the GM” isn’t being accepted too well within the wrestling community.

My opinion on this matter, knowing the WWE as of the past several years as I do, this angle that could be golden may turn brownish and may have a real bad odor to it.

With studying the art of philosophy in Minnesota, I’m being taught and trained to think outside the box and come up with ideas and theories that are different and out-of-the-ordinary. I feel like this “Mystery General Manager” storyline could work until WWE does find someone to replace Bret “the Hitman” Hart. But with what has happened, “taking” the Hitman out of the “authority” role every Monday night, attacking the top guy on Raw and costing him his WWE Championship at Fatal Four Way, even attacking Mr. McMahon, I believe the Creative needs to place a gentleman as the GM that would make this storyline work.

What guys am I thinking of? Yes, such gentlemen as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin or the Rock could draw huge ratings for a few weeks, but I cannot see that working. What men could I see work for this whole storyline? Let me explain a couple of possibilities and storyline behind my reasoning. Your opinion as the reader is valued, and please let me know your thoughts.

Paul Heyman

[adinserter block=”1″]In this possible world, I can see Paul Heyman coming out and cut a promo similar to such: “Who hates the company enough to take out the WWE Champion? Who is known for making new guys and not having the “old farts” on top? Who has the balls and hates the owner of the WWE enough to order guys to take him out on national television? ME! PAUL HEYMAN! Many know that over the years I have many of men drink my Kool Aid, and I had the first season of the NXT wrestlers drink it, because they too have the common hatred for the business that became “Sports-Entertainment” and hates the men that are shoved down our very throat every Monday night!”

Even thought I cannot type out an awesome Paul Heyman promo, but I’m sure you all see where I’m coming from on the main points I made in that shorten promo. Heyman is known for having the youth run his company. Heyman ran the original ECW as an outlet for people who got tired of the WWF and WCW. Heyman would send guys out to attack Vince McMahon because Heyman is known for going against the grain and runs by the beat of his own drum.

I feel if Creative and Vince McMahon himself would, let Paul Heyman write his stuff and the program, because I can see Heyman’s ideas being golden and bringing in huge draws and buyrates. But would WWE let him? We all know the answer.

John Bradshaw Layfield

In this possible world, the promo I would love hearing JBL cut is: “Last time everyone saw me, I was humiliated in 21 seconds at the grandest stage of all to Rey Mysterio! I was made a fool to John Cena and Mr. McMahon allowed all this to happen! The carnage that you’ve been seeing as of the past couple of months have been ordered by me, your new General Manger of Raw, John “Bradshaw” Layfield! At first, I paid off the NXT rookies because I could, and because I simply can’t stand seeing John Cena hold my, MY WWE title! And after Mr. McMahon called me up to take over Bret “the Whipman” Hart’s position of GM, I thought what kind of impact that I could have other than having the NXT rookies attack the Chairman of the Board.”

[adinserter block=”2″]Just like the Heyman section, JBL can draw back from past storylines on why he “ordered” the NXT rookies from season 1 do what they did to John Cena, to Mr. McMahon, to Bret Hart, even to Michael Cole. If we go back on memory lane and cruse over to Friday nights, for about a year or so, JBL was the color commentator along to the play-by-play man, Michael Cole. JBL could claim that Michael Cole held him back on Friday nights when his goal was to come on Monday nights and commentate with Jim Ross. That’s why he came out of retirement and attacked Chris Jericho during his WWE title match with Randy Orton at the 2007 Armageddon PPV.

If done right, JBL would be the perfect mouthpiece as General Manager of Monday Night Raw. I feel like having JBL as GM, which would help put interest back in the business that the NXT invasion storyline has helped bring back. But would JBL as GM last and end well? Only time will tell, and I have a feeling we all know the answer.

But that’s my opinion on the whole matter. I am Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time.

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  1. i think its mr. mcmahon.

    he hates bret hart.

    his enemys were dx and stone cold and the gm used both there cathcphares.

    its pretty obvious…

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