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Philadelphia Flyers Continue To Struggle

Dan CarcilloThe Philadelphia Flyers have been struggling with their team play during games, injuries, and now suspensions. Dan Carcillo was suspended two games for a hit on New Jersey Devil’s Winger David Clarkson. Carcillo hit Clarkson high with a stick, which busted Clarkson open. Carcillo received a game misconduct, along with the high stick major. Carcillo was later suspended after the League reviewed the play.

What seemed to of happened during the play was Carcillo and Clarkson come together, and begin to exchange pleasantries. At that time, they grab each other, and Carcillo goes to push Clarkson in the face but clearly hit him in the face with his stick. This was obviously accidental due to the fact that if Carcillo was really trying to hurt Clarkson he would have laid him out with his stick. They then tried to fight, but were separated by the refs. Here is the play, and you decide.

[adinserter block=”2″]With the suspension to Carcillo, this put in the lineup Riley Cote. Riley has been scratched a majority of the year, due to his lack of skill, even including in the fighting department as of recently. This also makes me wonder what has been going on in the mind of Riley. He isn’t the same fighter he was of two years ago. It seems now he tries to grapple with the fella’s more instead of just throwing bombs at their mush. Could his brother whom is a UFC Fighter be playing an influence? No one knows, but one thing is sure his fighting has been non effective. This hurts even me to say as I’m a huge Riley Cote fan. Thursday night, on April Fool’s Day the Philadelphia Flyers faced off in Long Island against the New York Islanders.

The Philadelphia Flyers were on a 15 game winning streak versus the New York Islanders, in what seemed like a sure win for the Flyboys. The Philadelphia Flyers started the game with no energy, and were quickly taken to school. In the first period, they trailed 3-0. During the second period, they began to show more heart, but the Isles kept the guns firing. Riley Cote did fight Trevor Gillies. Gillies got the better of Cote in the fight. Later when the two parties would get together in the 3rd period, Gillies took advantage of Cote having his back to him, and struck him in the back of the knee with his stick. Cote went down and got right back up and attempted to go after Gillies who quickly got on the Isles bench. Gillies was served with a 2 minute minor. We expected Gillies and Cote to get another chance to go at each other later in the 3rd, but it wasn’t to be on that night. Philadelphia Flyers were eventually snuffed out with a 2-6 win for the Isles. This is a game in which the Philadelphia Flyers needed to win because every point from here on out is very crucial towards the standings for the Playoffs.

[adinserter block=”1″]With only now five games remaining in the regular season, each game is a must win situation. The Philadelphia Flyers did hang on to the 6th spot for the standing with Boston loosing that night also. One has to wonder if the Philadelphia Flyers do even make it into the Playoffs; can they stand against the League’s best? Brian Boucher was pulled in the 3rd period for Jeremy Duchesne – making his NHL debut.One great thing I saw during the game was Coach Peter Laviolette putting Scott Hartnell down a line and bumping up JVR. After this change was made it did seem to spark the team. Can this carry over for Friday’s game against the Habs? I sure hope so, and I sure hope Coach Laviolette keep’s the lineup the same with Hartnell on the 3rd line and JVR on the 2nd with Giroux and Leino. Time will tell for the Philadelphia Flyers, but those of us in Flyers’ Country sure feel like we are on the bad end of the Karma Train again.

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