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The Eagles Need To Clip Andy Reid’s Wings

Andy Reid Are there any Philadelphia Eagles fans really surprised about the Oakland Raiders game? Andy Reid has continued to skate by for the last five years on mediocrity, reputation, and a cushy schedule. How does a guy that has been to and lost one Super Bowl in 11 years continue to be treated as if he is Vince Lombardi? Enough is enough and it is time for a change!

My desire for a new coach isn’t an overreaction to the embarrassing loss against the Oakland Raiders. This is probably the 15th article I have written about the same topic in the last four years. Andy Reid is not only the coach, but he is in charge of personnel for the Eagles. For the third year in a row, Reid has ignored depth in critical positions that would be inexcusable if his last name was Zorn or Turner. Yes he has won 100 games, but is that something I would brag about if I was Andy Reid? Give me Mike Tomlin’s 26 wins and a Super Bowl over 100 and none any day of the week.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Philadelphia Eagles organization is at a critical crossroads right now. Andy Reid’s contract expires in two years. There have been mixed reports regarding whether a new deal is in place or not. There is a tremendous nucleus of young talent on the Eagles which would prevent any kind of a rebuilding era. The organization has to decide whether the same guy that has gone 1-4 in NFC title games and lost the Super Bowl due to his own bad coaching can do any better with new talent in a new era of the NFL. If the last three seasons are any indication, the answer is a big fat no.

I was initially disappointed last season when the Eagles turned their season around. My immediate reaction is that the run would earn Andy Reid a new deal. A true Eagles fan that has watched every play of the Andy Reid era could rightfully blame Reid for most of the team’s losses over the last several years. Yes, Donovan McNabb has issues, but Reid is the guy that is supposed to adjust and work around him. The debacle in Oakland was bound to happen. The Eagles have been undisciplined and in disarray all season. If not for some critical turnovers, this could have happened a week earlier. It was this same team that allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to move up and down the field all day due to penalties. This all comes back to Vince Lombardi himself, Andy Reid.

The personnel decisions by Andy Reid have killed this team for the last several years. Reid and his team have been pretty good in evaluating rookies. However, his free agent choices have been disastrous. Three years ago, Reid’s brilliant decision to ignore special teams burnt us all season. This season, Reid’s answer to everything is to scotch-tape the situation. I love the Axe Man, but using Jeremiah Trotter to sew up your run defense is a joke! Reid should be fired for the Stacy Andrews signing alone! Reid gave a six-year $38.9 million deal to Stacy Andrews who can’t even get on the field, and he lets Brian Dawkins go. How’s that working out for the Eagles? No Eagles fan expected Shawn Andrews back, yet Reid didn’t prepare otherwise. Not too mention, Reid would have changed his position if he did play. The offensive line mess is on Andy Reid since he evaluated the situation before the season and presented us this band-aid of a line.

The Michael Vick signing has (as predicted by me) done nothing but hurt the team. On another team with another offense, Vick could do some damage. Yet, I am still waiting for this revolutionary offense that analysts continue to predict from the Eagles. For one thing, Vick takes up a critical roster spot. Do you mean to tell me that you couldn’t use an extra offensive lineman right now? Number two, yesterday’s game is a prime example of why the Vick experiment can kill you. Vick has to be the number-two quarterback to come into the game. Andy Reid could have pulled Donovan McNabb for Kevin Kolb, but thanks to the Vick situation Kolb is the number-three quarterback. What would happen if Kolb came in and got hurt? At that point, you can’t stick Vick or McNabb back in and you’d be stuck with the emergency quarterback. On top of all of this, Vick’s presence once again threw the offense off and McNabb called a time out he didn’t have, which resulted in a penalty. Maybe we can bring in Bill Cowher to coach a play here or there and see how good Andy is with that?

Andy Reid the head coach is not much better than Andy Reid the General Manager. For the second year in a row, Reid barely runs against one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL and it bites him in his big behind. The Raiders game was like a flashback of the overtime debacle in Cincinnati. The passing game was off, yet Reid continued to ignore the run and try and force the pass.

The Bengals were one of the worst teams in the NFL against the rush, yet Reid ignored the run. The Raiders were the 31st worst team against the run going into this game. A high school coach with that information would have game planned a heavy running attack, but not King Andy. Reid ran the ball 14 times even after, having success on a handful of runs. Newsflash – Every team in the NFL will bum rush your quarterback if they don’t have to worry about the run! Sure, guys dropped passes, the o-line was a mess, and the quarterback missed some wide-open receivers but that is where coaching comes in. A great coach would have noticed this, adjusted, and went to the run, but not Coach Lombardi!

Look no further then Tony Dungy as an example of why Andy Reid needs to go. Today, Tony Dungy is regarded as one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history. Yet, there was a time when even the guru himself was fired. After turning around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dungy was replaced with Jon Gruden. What happened? Gruden won the Super Bowl with that very same team in his first season. Nobody will dispute that Dungy molded the team, but a change needed to be made to turn the team from contender to champion. Even if Reid is as great as the national media says he is, a coaching change could be the critical difference that takes the team from being a 100 win team with no Super Bowl championships to a true winner.

[adinserter block=”2″]So why should Andy Reid be treated any different than Brian Billick, Jon Gruden, Jim Fassel, or Mike Martz? Those are all coaches that have all won the Super Bowl throughout Reid’s tenure that were fired. Andy Reid is given better treatment than Super Bowl winning coaches for winning 100 games and going (not winning) to five NFC title games and winning just one. Philadelphia Eagles fans know what the problem is, yet most in the national media continue to ignore it. The NFL has changed, new coordinators are revolutionizing the game, and it is time for a change here in Philadelphia. Let’s bring one of those coordinators here and win us a Super Bowl!

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