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Paul Heyman Possibly taking on a New WWE Superstar? recently posted a story on the possibility of Paul Heyman perhaps “scouting” for new talent. Heyman is of course Brock Lesnar’s advocate, as well as former WWE Champion CM Punk, who is currently on sabbatical from the company. It seems that perhaps WWE is finally seeing how important Heyman is to them and is choosing to recognize it with this story.

Who said Vince McMahon is not listening?

[adinserter block=”1″]From the moment that Paul Heyman returned to WWE, fans have been singing his praises. This is nothing unusual, as Paul has always had a strong connection to the people.

There is something very profound in that statement, by the way. Maybe Paul should seek political office when he decides he’s done putting other guys over.

“Take your vote to the extreme this November. Vote for Paul Heyman, the real people’s champion.”

The fact is that there is something about Paul that just draws you to him. He has an air of importance about him, a presence that cannot be denied. Whenever he appears on the screen, you cannot help but stop. And when he speaks, you cannot help but listen.

And you’re usually very glad you did.

Paul is genuine. He can be over the top at times, but at his core, he is a very believable figure. In a world full of fictional characters speaking rehearsed lines to other fictional characters in the midst of one unrealistic situation after another, Paul Heyman is one of the few guys who actually feel like a real person.

The truth is, we’re all in the Matrix and Paul Heyman is the only one who knows it.

When he was first paired with CM Punk during Punk’s record breaking WWE Title run, I along with many fans out there likely said the same thing.

I love Heyman, but Punk doesn’t need him.

Punk is a master orator, a man who makes you think every time he speaks. He has the ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter and make your mind go places you had not anticipated. He is a genius on the mic.

If CM Punk had delivered the prosecution’s closing statement, OJ Simpson would have been convicted of double murder.

But Paul Heyman only added to Punk’s character, he did not weaken it at all. He enhanced Punk’s verbal delivery by being concise while also being as entertaining as possible. Heyman knew what his role was and he played it perfectly.

The Punk/Heyman combo never failed to impress. They were perfect together.

When Paul was placed back with Brock Lesnar as The Anomaly was ravaging his way through WWE and headed for a collision with Triple H, I again said what many fans out there were likely saying.

I love Heyman; Brock is just awful without him.

Paul stepped up and did what he does best. He became the mouthpiece, the guide. He took one look at the Superstar in front of him and knew just what he had to do in order to help the guy get where he needed to be. And when he stood at ringside with both Brock and Punk, he was not the attraction. He never got in the way. He only reinforced the talent that was working in the ring.

Just what a great manager is supposed to do.

But when he began representing both Brock Lesnar and CM Punk, fans began to wonder when all three men would be seen on screen together. A new partnership, with Heyman at the helm. The evil genius takes over and we bear witness to a new day in WWE.

Only it never happened.

When Punk decided to take a much deserved leave of the business in order to heal up for a few months, fans began to use their imaginations once again. This time, it was to wonder if the company would give Heyman a new talent, another Superstar to work with and perhaps take to the next level.

So, is it happening?

Is Vince McMahon listening? WWE is a big company with a lot of employees, some of whom are surely reading the dirt sheets, rumor sites and breaking news blogs. Did the story posted on come as a result of one of those sites?

Or did it perhaps come from Paul Heyman himself? Is he working behind the scenes, maybe pitching a creative idea or two about taking a new Superstar under his wing? Is he pulling some strings, putting key elements in place for another Superstar?

Come to think of it, maybe Heyman built the Matrix. That would explain a lot.

Truth be told, I was a little disappointed to read the story of Paul Heyman scouting for new talent. Not because I don’t want to see it happen, but because I like to be surprised by this kind of thing. And now that WWE has put the idea out there, the novelty of it will surely wear off soon if it hasn’t already.

[adinserter block=”2″]Who knows, maybe the piece was just a big bunch of nothing, put out purely for the sake of thumbing their nose at guys like me who love writing about this stuff.

But I hope not, because the more Paul Heyman I can get on my TV, the happier I am. The guy is so good at what he does and is such a pro that the programming and indeed the product is so much better because of him. The fans want Heyman. He has that connection and there can be no denying that.

Power to the people.

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