Paul Heyman Reveals His Plans For TNA Wrestling

Paul Heyman was close to booking TNA WrestlingOne year ago at this time the pro wrestling community was buzzing about the possibilities of Paul Heyman booking TNA Wrestling. Sadly that day never came. However, Heyman reveals in a new interview what he would have done if that day came and well, let’s just say TNA would look a lot different today.

Heyman was recently interviewed on The Fan 1130 AM out of Detroit and was asked about the TNA Wrestling saga. It is a fascinating interview and an inner look into what could have been the future of TNA Wrestling had Heyman taken over. It really is an interesting look into how close Heyman was to booking TNA and his thought process.

Every now and again the Heyman to TNA Wrestling talk still comes up. At this point I think it is a dead topic and less likely to happen than ever. It appears that Heyman has moved on and is very happy in his life after pro wrestling. It appears that Dixie Carter really needed to strike while the iron is hot and right now, that iron is very ice cold.

The crusher here comes only 20 seconds into the interview when the interviewer asks Heyman how close he was to actually joining TNA. Heyman says, “It was very close.” Ouch, that is a really crushing blow to the millions of fans that held out hope that they would see the “evil genius” writing TNA Impact or as it is now, Impact Wrestling.

I won’t give away the entire interview because it is well worth a listen to, but I will throw out some of the highlights. Paul’s biggest criticism of Dixie Carter is that she isn’t ruthless enough, although he likes her. “Letting people go doesn’t appeal to her.

Heyman also talks about the controversial statement he made on Ariel Helwani’s broadcast. Heyman told Helwani, “If you’re over 40 I’ll chop your head off” in reference to the changes he’d make in TNA. Heyman elaborates and says that his concept was to go with “nothing but youth.” Heyman says he would have kept one legend around who was the exception to the rule.

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I couldn’t agree more. The biggest problem in TNA Wrestling is the stale roster of older veterans who are past their primes as headline performers in 2011. I think TNA Wrestling has (well had) a fantastic core of young stars. I hwrote a blog last year entitled “Five Quick Ways to Fix TNA Impact” and spotlighting the X Division was on the list, highlighting the youth. I am sorry but with all due respect to Sting, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and even Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair that in order to compete with the WWE that TNA needs to differentiate itself and present a younger, more hip, action packed product. That isn’t going to happen with its endless circle of aged veterans participating in the main-events.

So check out the interviews below and enjoy what could have been of TNA Wrestling in 2011 under the Heyman regime. I also included his interview with Helwani as well as an exceptional interview he did with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez where he gets into more of the negotiating process with TNA and the financial commitments he was looking to get from Dixie and Bob Carter.

Hey, just because TNA won’t take him doesn’t mean we won’t ever see Paul Heyman in wrestling again right? Well, we can only hope.

Listen to the entire Paul Heyman interview on the WDFN website.

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