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Paul Heyman Offers His Solution to WWE RAW’s Ratings Woes

Paul Heyman continues doing media to promote the WWE Madison Square Garden Network event. Heyman recently talked about a number of interesting topics, one of particular interest being the declining WWE RAW ratings.

They don’t call Paul Heyman the evil genius for nothing. The advocate for Brock Lesnar was recently asked about the record-low ratings for Monday Night RAW and in typical Heyman fashion, hey provided an interesting answer to Channel Guide Mag Blog.

[adinserter block=”1″]“I think if there is erosion in the ratings then we are in a cycle within the industry where fans are going and looking for or finding other interests,” Heyman said.

This is not dissimilar to any other forms of entertainment. The key has always been to replace those who leave, to bring in more fans at any time you are losing fans. At this particular point in time there is a search to find the new fan. I am not one who looks at the ratings every Tuesday and says,

‘Well, we haven’t replaced everybody that is left. The ratings didn’t double.’ I’m not expecting that type of increase tomorrow or the next week or the week after that. Any business with longevity, and this is the one company in the business that has survived, deals with this. They survive because when there was an erosion of the audience and they had to replenish the audience, there isn’t a panic. Panic is never the answer. Panic never brings up the ratings.

“A long-term solution is with a number of brand new stars, all in compelling situations with riveting storylines and new match-ups. That is what will bring an upswing to the ratings ever so slowly to where the average rating goes up a little bit each month. Then a couple of years from now the erosion have taken place of the people that have left being fans and a new generation or group or crop of fans has come in. It’s natural evolution of any form of entertainment.

An interesting answer from a guy who knows a little something about building new stars. I think that Heyman is right but he is missing the bigger problem. The problem isn’t promoting new stars. Arguably, the WWE has more fresh faces on their main roster than they have in some time. The problem is creating these new stars and booking them optimally for the long haul. None of the new stars on the roster today will pay dividends in a couple of years with the way they are being booked today.

It wouldn’t be a Paul Heyman interview if he wasn’t asked about Brock Lesnar vs. Steve Austin. While not asked directly about the match, Heyman was asked about Brock’s plan for WrestleMania 32. Heyman isn’t ready to commit to anything.

[adinserter block=”2″]“Who does the audience want Brock Lesnar to face? Who will the audience be willing to pay or to subscribe to the WWE Network or buy a ticket to see as an opponent for Brock Lesnar? What will entice the audience to spend the most money? That is how I would approach any suggestion I would have as Brock’s next opponent. Is there someone that intrigues the audience as to what would happen when they stepped in the ring with Brock Lesnar?

“That is how I gauge what is best for a Brock Lesnar scenario going into WrestleMania. What does the audience want to see? What do they want to see the most? What is the attraction that more people want to see?

Check out the entire interview for more as Heyman talks Brock on the Austin podcast, WWE at MSG, his relationship with Brock, and more.

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  1. I think the main problems are the tired authority story line and the fact that the wwe and their creative people do not listen to and give the fans what they want. every time they show they like and support someone they drop them down to mid card status to promote some new guy from nxt we have never heard of or worse yet keep shoving guys like big show down our throats. guys like Ceasaro, ryback, dolf ziggler, dean ambrose are all over big time with fans but get shoved aside for kevin owens and others. and everybody is sick of rollins as champ! as bad as they botched the roman reigns push they have made everyone hate rollins to the point they can’t wait for him not to be champ. reigns has won over fans now and they have stopped his push and have pointed to having shemus cashing in and becoming champ which will be an even worse move. until they start to listen then there ratings will continue to fall.

  2. There is also WWE fans who are baseball and football fans. A person doesn’t have to watch RAW or Smackdown live as there are internet sites where you can go and watch the shows without the commercials. Also, they are having the same people wrestle each over and over on a weekly basis and it gets very boring as you know who will win, unless they throw a twist in the middle or end of the match. Very simple explanation for the low ratings. And i am not even a rocket scientist to figure that out.


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