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Paul Heyman & CM Punk Is An Extreme Waste Of Talent

Paul HeymanThe Internet Wrestling Community is in hysterics after seeing Paul Heyman and CM Punk together on Monday Night RAW. The WWE’s Dynamic Duo has certainly created a buzz. Yet I just have to wonder whether it’s really the best way to utilize the best manager in the business.

[adinserter block=”2″]Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of Heyman and Punk as a heel pair. I think the two men could really make the WWE fun over the next few months. I just don’t understand the logic here. The idea of a pro wrestling manager has always been to get your guy over. Punk is already over. He is the number two regular in the company. Why in the world does he need a manager?

As fun as the Punk and Heyman combination will be, I almost wonder if it is a little too good. Both men are two of the great promos in the business today. The magic of Heyman and Lesnar is Heyman talking as this monster stands beside him. But Punk and Heyman are so good, that they will be cutting into each other’s time. Do you want to see less Punk in exchange for more Heyman or vice versa?

The bigger problem I have with this is that the WWE is missing a golden opportunity with Heyman. Heyman is seen as a main-event manager. Heyman could do wonders for someone on the undercard who needs a bump up the cards. Pairing the right guy with Heyman would instantly give him credibility with a fickle WWE Universe. CM Punk is just not that guy.

Imagine what Heyman could do for guys like Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, or even The Miz? Any of these three men would benefit greatly from being paired with Heyman. All three guys are great talkers in their own right, but the words mean more coming from an established manager of champion as opposed to a guy that the WWE fans don’t take seriously.

In my opinion, Ziggler should have gotten the Heyman bump. Yes he has a manager and Vickie is fun, but she is not seen as a “winner”. The WWE Universe sees Heyman as a “winner.” Ziggler appears poised to take the next leap back into the main-event picture. Unfortunately nobody is buying him as a serious threat. Give him to Heyman for a few weeks and you better believe that Heyman would have fans believing that Ziggler could beat John Cena, CM Punk, The Undertaker, The Rock, and Steve Austin.

[adinserter block=”1″]The same could be said for The Miz and Bryan who are two guys that fans perceive as good, but not great. I don’t know how long Heyman is sticking around but his track record says that it probably won’t be long. Watching him and CM Punk will be entertaining, but there is no long term investment being gained. Stick him with Ziggler, Bryan, or Miz and you are building for the future.

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  1. I disagree that Punk is truly over. Yes, to the hardcores fans who already love him, he's great (me included). But he isn't moving ratings and he isn't selling tickets beyond what the WWE brand is already doing. I think Heyman has the potential to turn the heat up on Punk enough that it could make a difference. Hard to say since we're not even a week into it yet. I remember Magnificent Muraco having Captain Lou as his manager. Muraco didn't need Albano really — Muraco was good on the mic himself. But together, people hated them even more.

    • You do make a point. He is not resonating with the casual fans. And you know what, you make another great point. Muraco had Albano, Jesse had Blassie, Sueprstar had Wizard, etc. BUT Albano and Blassie also helped other guys get over as well. I just think its a bit of a waste at this time.

  2. heyman is a nobody why is his name being menthoned punk needs to get snuck bye hall of famer the king jerry.just get him maybe recruite cena and beat the tar out of him. wow good opening for monday night.

  3. i think aj needs to fire vickie get rid of that old fart once and for all and for punk WOWyou can beat up an old man i hope the king sneaks the shit out of you.


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