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Paul Bearer WWE HOF Induction Will Be This Year’s WrestleMania Moment

WrestleManias are known for their magic moments, whether it is a first-time championship victory or a first-time appearance, the biggest match or the last match of your career. Who can forget the Undertaker’s classic contests with Shawn Michaels or Triple H, or that moment in Orlando when Michaels brought down the curtain on Ric Flair’s Hall of Fame career?

[adinserter block=”1″]This year, though, unless something drastic happens in the WWE Creative meeting room between now and April, it is going to be hard to find any magic moments in New Orleans. At least in the ring.

This year’s memorable moment likely will come the night before WrestleMania XXX at the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony when Paul Bearer, a.k.a. Bill Moody, posthumously joins the list of WWE greats. Although it has not been announced yet, his likely presenters will be one or both of his prized pupils – the Undertaker and Kane.

But don’t expect to hear the gong, the weird organ music, the dry ice or the fire. We would not see the Undertaker or Kane there.

Instead, we would see Mark Calaway and Glenn Jacobs out to induct their dear friend into the hallowed hall. That is going to be very special.

You see, Calaway – the Undertaker — rarely allows his real persona to be on public display. He purposely has stayed away from HOF inductions because he does not like to break character at WWE-sponsored events. And while Jacobs – Kane – has wrestled with and without his famous mask, he too has never broken away from his scarily tough character at a WWE event.

If they are chosen, and I have no reason to doubt that they will, we would be witnesses to history that night. Aside from the obligatory “Rest in peace” catchphrase, we would witness two big men showing their human side, likely struggling with their composure, as they recall their years working with Moody. You cannot work with someone that long and not get close to him. By the time that particular presentation is over, there definitely would not be a dry eye anywhere.

[adinserter block=”2″]I sincerely hope that WWE, given its flair for going over the top, would not try to glam up that induction. Later on, when Calaway and Jacobs join the HOF, then we can have the smoke, the dry ice, the fire, the eye-rolls…everything associated with their characters. On this April night, though, the moment belongs to Bill Moody, and to Mark Calaway and Glenn Jacobs, not to Undertaker and Kane.

Now that is what I would call a “WrestleMania moment.”

Bill Atkinson is a contributor to Camel Clutch Blog and the owner of WrestleWatch. Follow Bill on Twitter at @BAtkinson1963, and visit WrestleWatch at

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