Parallels…and quite possibly bad TNA Wrestling booking


[adinserter block=”1″]I will add my voice to the many who are commenting on TNA (Impact Wrestling) being a copy cat of WWE with its similar storylines. I will admit; I don’t tune into TNA religiously; but I have watched enough to have an opinion.

TNA (AKA Total Non-Stop Action – bit of a misnomer really) is missing the boat here.

There is a void ever since ECW went dark.

TNA could fill the void; they have part of the battle won already – they’re already on what is basically a ‘Man’ Channel; which would allow them more leeway on the more mature content ; I’m not talking boobs hanging out; but with some of the language and situations. They could use the roster to their advantage; as much as I like Eric Young; I don’t need to see him wrestle 3 times a night; same with MVP; the authority angle is running out of steam ; I don’t need to see him 3 times a night in the ring. Make the titles mean something; carry it to the PPV’s; they have 4 titles for the men & 1 title for the women (this picks my ass about the women’s divisions in both WWE and TNA – could you not give your ladies a tag title or something…?) All the titles should be a focal point at some time not just the HWC; like the TV title…HELLO??? Why is that not on TV??? Abyss has had it what??? Almost 400 days?

TNA has the opportunity to pull things off that WWE can’t…or at least won’t do. Give some time to the X Division; I hope TNA remembers it has an X Division. Book those peeps to go full swing. Give the ladies some direction; even if the belt isn’t in the picture; if the match is absolutely bananas no one will give a damn whether the title was up for grabs or not.

There is always speculation about the future of TNA based on its current fortunes. I get the impression that TNA would like to swing for the fences but is being told by the coach to bunt to third base instead; so now TNA has two runners on base; and next up to bat could make or break the game. To add to TNA’s load is the knowledge that there are a few other independent promotions who are now starting to have their own PPV’s (Ring of Honor to name one); and now with the advent of live streaming; the world has opened for wrestling fans; now people half way around the world can watch matches from the UK or Japan and even here at home; plus the WWE Network in the US and due to go global soon-ish and TNA with its tired recycled story lines is now in the rear; sucking Hind-Tit.

[adinserter block=”2″]Now I am not a wrestler; never will be; but I love wrestling and I see so much potential that could happen in TNA.

Time to swing for the fences…that next up to bat doesn’t have to be a bunt…make it a grand slam and send everyone to home plate.

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