Paige, Randy Orton’s RAW Return and Other WWE Thoughts


Of all the things we were sure of that would happen on Monday Night Raw, the Paige heel turn was as predictable as Nikki Bella breaking AJ Lee’s record for the longest run as Divas Champion at 301 days.

Now, WWE creative has something it can work with. The tirade that the former two-time Divas Champion wasn’t as prolific as Lee’s message to the girls in the back over a year ago or the famous pipe bomb Lee’s husband CM Punk delivered that changed the WWE forever (yes, I think it was that impactful). What it did do is make a situation that has been simmering a white-hot topic. There has been talk on social media and back biting of late by Paige about the situation with the Divas and the attention they have been given since this so called Revolution.

In many instances, real life issues make for the best programs. You cannot help but hope Paige’s pity party during Charlotte’s celebration will finally lead to a real battle of wills among the women who could the best to ever get in a wrestling ring.

We can only hope that’s the case – and we can only hope the script writers come up with better material that will make us all want to watch cat fights and figure-eight leg locks.


So after a night where the Chris Jericho experiment failed at Night of Champions, WWE sent its relief pitcher to the ring to help Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in their battle with the Wyatt Family.

Say hello to Randy Orton.

I cannot understand why Orton wasn’t the choice to get in the ring Sunday night with the former Shield members, but that’s not my call to make. What I do know is Orton’s appearance was much more desirable and should get more pops from the fans.

Having Orton save the day for the dynamic duo makes me think a few things. First, Orton is still the utility player WWE needs when things fall apart. Also, it makes me think that this is the only role for him, given the fact the company is moving forward. Does Orton ever get a shot at WWE gold again? Who knows? But it is certain that the match he had to be the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Title when John Cena was dealing with a crushed nose evidently means nothing.

Orton is too good to be a bit player, but I still do not think there is a lot of wiggle room for him on the company ladder. The rumors about him taking time off might be true given the circumstances the company has placed itself in lately.


If there was one person who may have been hurt the most by the injury to Sting, it potentially is Sheamus.

I am not sure the ending to Night of Champions was planned (since Sting was injured the way he was), but what I do know is at some point soon, Sheamus will attempt to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot. Sunday night would have been ideal or even Monday night, had Sting won the title from Seth Rollins. How the WWE finally works the Sheamus situation out will be a relief, mainly because there is no real place for him right now.

WWE is not going to make him a face again any time soon and he has no real opponent to grapple with. And no, we don’t want to see him wrestle Dolph Ziggler or Orton again.

Maybe a move to the tag team division is in order. Wouldn’t he look good in a combination with Wade Barrett?


I liked it better when Rusev got in a wrestling ring and beat the hell out of opponents. I liked it better when there was a true reason to hate a heel. No longer is the case.

WWE has destroyed what could have been one of the better heels to plant seeds in the company in some years.

One of the best components of wrestling promotions of the past was the “Us vs. Them” approach to matches. Take an anti-American wrestler, find patriotic faces and have them defend the Red, White and Blue. John Cena did that, but there is no one else to stand next to “The Champ.”

Rusev’s recent machinations with Dolph Ziggler has sissified the character, letting all the sails out of the potential for the Russian brute.

Even a program with Cesaro would be well worth the admission.

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