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Paige Hints at WWE Return After Being Included in New 2K18 Video Game

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After being involved in a lot of mishaps, the 25-year-old wrestler might make a huge return in the industry. The hints came from the 2K18 video game that includes her among the selectable players. At this time, there are only speculations that the athlete that was out of the ring for over a year now due to the injuries, drug suspensions, and even a sex tape that leaked, could return.

From bad to worse

Her suspension from the WWE circuit was only the first of many bad things that would happen to Paige. Even though it seemed like the worst thing that could happen when she was suspended in October, she was in for a lot more. Just as she was on track to getting her health issues fixed and being re-admitted to the WWE, a sex-tape and intimate photos leaked on the internet, further upsetting the ones in charge of the WWE.

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It seems that the two unfortunate events really affected her at a profound level. As she declared, there were times when she wanted to physically hurt herself because of the video and the photos that got on the web. It seems that the photos and the video were taken from her phone that got hacked and she also used the occasion to confirm that everything is real and she is deeply sorry for making her loved ones suffer because of her mistakes.

The storm seems to have passed

All the troubles seem to have left Paige alone though, as she was added as a playable character in the newest edition of WWE 2K18 video game that will be launched soon. She even hopes to get back in the ring soon enough. As she personally stated, the two-time champion is looking forward to getting back in the circuit within the following months. She first needs to get approval from the WWE doctors after she was suspended for not complying with the health policies of WWE.

New beginnings

After all that she’s been through, Paige also got a ray of sunshine by marring the former WWE star, Alberto del Rio. As the sex-tape scandal blew over, they announced the wedding date in an effort to counter-attack at all the nasty things coming their way. She also released a few videos that depict her in a massive training session alongside her husband.

Even so, the life of the 25-year-old wrestler is far from getting back to the normal ‘peace and quiet’ as the international press started talking about an allegedly domestic altercation with a woman in Florida airport. Even though this incident is nothing compared to what she’s been through all summer, it’s still enough to take her focus off the long-awaited comeback to WWE.

We can’t be sure if her being included in the official WWE video game is clearly a comeback sign, however, one thing is certain: Paige is doing everything in her power to return and put all the troubles behind. Hoping to see her in the ring in the following season of WWE.

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