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Overwatch 2 Beta Access Open Now: Here’s How to Get It

Are you one of the lucky ones?

The pressure on Blizzard Entertainment is really high right now because, after the massive success of Overwatch, they have to put out a worthy sequel that should achieve greater success than its predecessor.

The best way to get feedback from players without actually releasing the game is the Beta-testing card. The developers have gone ahead and launched the PvP beta testing and players are excited to get a taste of the sequel.

However, not everyone gets to test out the beta gameplay and if you are curious about how you can access the beta testing then continue reading:

Overwatch 2 Beta

In the beta gameplay, Sojourn, the 33rd hero will be available as a playable character along with the brand new hero updates, a new gaming mode called Push game mode. The players will also be able to test out the latest 5v5 feature.

The sad news is that the beta gameplay will only be available to PC players, so the console players will have to wait a while. But don’t worry since Blizzard has talked about its plans to open the beta testing for console players in the future too.

The testing began on the 26th of April and many players were able to find golden beta tickets in their inboxes. However, many also did not receive any kind of key. However, Blizzard has designed the beta testing stage such that anyone can earn an invite for it.

How to Access Beta Testing?

Players can try and win their chance to access the beta testing stage through Twitch Drops. The Twitch Drop method will be available starting today through the mode of invites. As for how that works, first, the players are required to link their account with their Twitch account.

Then, the players have to stream content related to Overwatch 2 for at least four hours from a list of pre-decided streamers. If you are lucky, then an invite will be sent to your inbox. It is to be noted that you are not required to stream 4 hours of just one creator and you can change them frequently.


It should also be noted that these drops for beta gameplay will only be provided on the same day which is today and the players are required to stream content between 1 pm ET to 6 pm ET. Such a method for accessing beta testing has been done because Overwatch 2 has partnered up with Twitch to celebrate the launch of PvP Beta.

The promotion will start on 27th April at 1 pm ET and will last until 9 pm ET. As for the beta testing stage, it has been reported to last until 17th May. So the players better hurry up before the time runs out!



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