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Outriders Guide: How to Unlock World Tiers?

The world needs more games like outriders.

Outriders was fully released last year on 1 April 2021 on all gaming platforms after a demo was launched in February of the same year and the players were immediately hooked. The co-op action roleplaying game is published by Square Enix, the company that is also known for its games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Outriders is a third-person looter-shooter game that incorporates elements from role-playing games. You can also play the game with your friends as it allows solo-playing mode as well as multi-playing mode consisting of three players.

The gameplay, level design, and combat animations were highly praised by the critics, while the story and the characters, were not so much appreciated. It also won the Technology award at the Central & Eastern European Game Awards (CEEGA).

What is Outriders About?

The story is set in Enoch, a planet similar to earth but full of human-hating races, civil wars, and anomalies. Outriders are a group of soldiers who were the first to set foot on Enoch. The players can choose a character from four classes, who possess a unique set of abilities like manipulating time or causing seismic attacks.

Players can also complete various side missions, have conversations with non-playable characters and explore around. They can also choose the difficulty level of the game from an available set of world tiers that ensures the best gaming experience and keeps the players engaged. But, it’s not that easy to get to the world tier of your choice!

The game starts with only World Tier 1 and the rest of them need to be unlocked, and here is how you can do that:

What Are World Tiers and How to Unlock Them?

There are a total of 15 world tiers in Outriders, that range from “Story” as Tier 1 (easiest) to “Madness” as Tier 15 (hardest). Increasing the world tier level increases the difficulty of the game by increasing the enemy level, but it also comes with more levels of dropped items, loot rarity modifiers, and other unique rewards like better gear.

In the start, only World Tier 1 is unlocked for the players, but as they continue to kill the enemies, their World Tier progress bar increases. Once they have killed enough enemies to completely fill the progress bar, they unlock the next World Tier.

So, all it takes for the players to unlock the new World Tiers is to kill more enemies. Although, if the players die in the process, they lose a little bit of their progress bar. Thus, you also need to make sure that you kill more enemies than the number of times you die in a particular area.

Remember, that only killing the enemies adds to the progress bar, and completing side quests does not affect it.



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