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Oscar-Winning Producer, Alan Ladd Jr Passed Away In His Los Angeles Residence

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Oscar-winning producer Alan Ladd Jr. He was 84 at the time of his passing. Ladd-Jones, his daughter reported his death through a Facebook post. She reported that her father passed away in his Los Angeles residence.

“With the heaviest of hearts, we announce that on 2 March 2022, Alan Ladd Jr died peacefully at home surrounded by his family,” Amanda wrote. “Words cannot express how deeply he will be missed. His impact on films and filmmaking will live on in his absence.”

The reason for Ladd Jr’s death has yet to be determined.

Alan Ladd Jr Debut And Contribution To The Industry

In 1963, he made his debut as an agent in the film business. In 1969, Ladd relocated to London, where he produced nine pictures, including  Villain, The Nightcomers, and A Severed Head.

In 1973, The late producer returned to the United States and was named Head of Creative Affairs at Fox. A few years later in  August 1976, he was elevated to the position of president of Fox’s media department from his previous position as an international production head. There, he approved the original Star Wars draft by George Lucas.

Once released, the picture became the highest-grossing movie of all time as well as inspired a massive media franchise that encompasses several films, tv shows, audio, video games, and print media. American Graffiti was an early showing of Lucas’ film series that won Ladd over and cemented his admiration for the director.

As Lucas recalled in Tom Shone’s 2004 Blockbuster-

“The only reason it got off the ground was that Alan liked American Graffiti and said, ‘I don’t understand this movie, I don’t get it at all, but I think you’re a talented guy and I want you to make it.’

Even as the movie studio’s faith in Star Wars began to falter, Ladd remained confident in the picture that would go on to be one of the most successful ever. When American Graffiti broke records, his only mistake might have been to grant Lucas merchandising rights instead of a raise.

Variety quotes Ladd as saying, “My main move to Star Wars was to keep my mouth quiet and to stand with the film.”

Alan Ladd Jr Other Achievements

Ladd wasn’t Fox’s sole iconic sci-fi pick for Ladd, though. Alien had support from Ladd as well. When the picture was released in 1979, Ladd quit Fox and formed the independent production business Ladd Co. following a disagreement with Fox president Dennis Stanfill. On his own, Ladd made pictures like Police Academy, and Body Heat, in addition to Blade Runner, and The Right Stuff.

After a string of misfires and high-budget projects like The Right Stuff, Ladd Co. struggled to make money. Ladd joined MGM in the mid-1980s, where he would ultimately run the company. Moonstruck, A Fish Called Wanda, Thelma & Louise, and Rain Man were among the films he created during his two spells with the company.

When Credit Lyonnais took over MGM due to a default on a loan, they evicted Ladd, who was later compensated $10 million and given two movie ventures. The producer picked up Breavehert and Left.



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