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Orton vs. Batista Is Looking Like Hogan vs. The Rock All Over Again

I am hoping and praying the WWE will realize Batista is not the option for the WWE Title match at WrestleMania and finds some way to relieve “The Animal” of his title chance. We know this won’t happen, but what we don’t know yet is whether or not the WWE Universe will finally accept Batista back into the hallowed grounds of the company.

[adinserter block=”1″]If anyone at home is keeping score, Randy Orton is winning this race by a wide margin so far. What the company does to change that is unknown, but the writers and figure heads must find a way to get the fans squarely behind Batista and not behind the villain of the company.

This reminds me a lot like WrestleMania X8 where the fans seemed to be more behind Hulk Hogan than they were behind The Rock building up to the event in Toronto.

As written in Hogan’s biography, “Hollywood Hulk Hogan,” the crowd was about 50/50 or 60/40 in Hogan’s favor once the two icon got into the ring. The fact that Hogan was still riding the high of the New World Order and the popularity of being a bad ass heel hurt The Rock more than it helped him. It was Hogan’s responsibility to change the tide of the match and make it work in The Rock’s favor.

That is the task charged to Orton, but as young as he is in the business (I know that is odd in saying that), can he do that and be just as effective as he has been? It seems no one wants to jump on the Batista bandwagon – and the company had better get a hold of Orton and The Animal and come up with a plan behind closed doors to make this happen within the next few weeks or the main event has no chance of success.

In many cases face vs. face matches work well in pay-per-view events. In most cases, the wrestling promotion will not jump on the idea of a heel vs. heel match because it will not get over with the fans. I think the match between The Shield and The Wyatt’s threw that premise out the window.

Is it possible to truly have two heels fighting to be the Face of the WWE in this title match? Batista may be better received if he were a heel as well and the two are truly fighting for right to be the Face of the Authority, not the WWE.

Adding to all of this match, which needs a huge dose of adrenaline, is the idea that at some point CM Punk will make his triumphant return at or before the pay-per-view. Add the return of Hulk Hogan to the event – a player who could challenge the Authority for control of the company – and we have a whole lot of chaos.

I am not sold on Orton yet as the one to “fix” this problem. I suspect that at some point, the interference of Hogan and maybe others (Ric Flair) could mean the old school regime takes a swipe to challenge the new Authority as the old style of “wrestling” will challenge the “new” power of the McMahons.

[adinserter block=”2″]The thing about this whole angle is the more this plays on and on, the more Orton comes off as the good guy in all of this. The WWE – when it finally made the play to turn Orton heel, probably did not figure that Batista, with all the popularity that he had four years ago in the company, he would be booed out of the arena at a pay-per-view event.

That spells bad news for the company and the future of this title.

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  1. Nice article on the corner WWE has painted itself into. While I don’t consider myself much of a fan of Orton, he has clearly matured into a performer that has a grasp of all aspects of wrestling. He brings more to the table now than just a solid work rate and “the look”.

    But I’m not sure if anyone on his own has the ability to turn the crowd against him when fighting Batista. Bats isn’t getting heel heat, he’s getting REAL heat.

    I think something that’s been overshadowed a bit by the hostile reception for Batista is that the man has not proven yet that he can work even an average match, let alone a WM Main Event quality match. His match against ADR was HORRENDOUS, consisting only of strikes, shoulder blocks, an awful spinebuster and a botched power bomb. He looks like a man who has suddenly decided to try his hand at wrestling.

    Barring some amazing writing by Creative (yeah right) and the most spectacular heel performance in the history of the sport by Orton, this match as it is now will be a bust and possibly a turning point for the WWE as a company.

    Punk is a wildcard of course. If he returns, that changes everything. But why would he come back? What could he have seen since leaving that could be interpreted as a sign that the company is worth returning to?

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