Orton vs. Batista set for WWE Judgment Day


batistaIt was a newsworthy night for WWE RAW. Batista vs. Randy Orton for the WWE world championship was announced for WWE Judgment Day. Batista and the Big Show battled it out in the main-event for the chance to challenge Orton. Batista defeated Show via count out for the win. The former Evolution pals face off in a rematch from Armageddon 2008.

Both Batista and Orton had big matches on RAW last night. Batista defeated Big Show in the main-event. John Cena returned and a surprised Big Show, who was counted out as Cena stared him down. RAW ended with Show and Cena continuing to stare each other down. Cena’s appearance was a bit of a surprise considering the way his match ended at WWE Backlash and an earlier angle.

Randy Orton earlier defeated MVP by disqualification. MVP looks like the big benefit of the draft thus far. MVP confronted Orton at the start of the show. Vickie Guerrero ordered a match between the two. The two had a good match going until Shane McMahon ran in and beat the crap out of Orton with a kendo stick. Orton vs. Shane O’ was announced for next week’s RAW.

Batista and Orton last wrestled each other at Armageddon 2008. It surprised me when looking back that the match was their only big encounter in the WWE. The two have a long history going back to their days in Evolution together. However, they have never really had the lengthy one-on-one series most would have suspected. I am guessing that these two will likely have a series of matches before Triple H returns this summer.

RAW had a lot of good things with a few bad things last night. Kofi Kingston defeated the Brian Kendrick in a hell of a match. These guys really tore it up and had a fast-paced match. MVP is a breath of fresh air. Initially the fans were silent as a he confronted Orton, but he turned it around quickly. I don’t know how far he is going to get, but it is nice to see someone new in the spotlight. Matt Hardy is now using the old Bob Orton gimmick and wearing a cast on his broken hand. Hardy beat Goldust using the cast.

Earlier in the show the Miz challenged Cena to a match. The announcers said he wasn’t there, Cena never showed up, and Miz was awarded the win. This made no sense once Cena actually did walk out and show his face. Why would he theoretically just sit back there and let Miz run him down? Maybe it was to “surprise” Big Show, but it just came off a little too sketchy to me.

I don’t know how many times I am going to rant about Shane McMahon. I haven’t seen anything like this shoved down our throats since the Lex Express. Nobody is buying this, unless you count fans cheering for kendo stick shots. It isn’t that Shane is a bad wrestler. It just kills the credibility of Orton every week by having to sell even a little for McMahon. Not too mention the fact that the rub of Shane has practically killed Triple H’s popularity. Let’s hope next week is the end of this ridiculous storyline.

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WWE SmackDown announced a tremendous main-event featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison vs. Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio in a Scramble Match for Friday night. The winner will face Edge for the title at Judgment Day 2008.

Ric Flair’s son Reid was arrested for a third time over the weekend. Reid Fliehr was charged with driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license. Heroin was also found in his car. This is a very sad and tragic story. Heroin is a serious thing. Sadly, he has probably kissed any chance of a WWE career good-bye.

Matt Hardy indeed suffered a broken hand during his match at WWE Backlash.

Former TNA star, Lance Hoyt has signed a WWE deal.

Look for the Nasty Boys to head to TNA to feud with Team 3-D.

Triple H is expected to be out until SummerSlam.

Charlie Haas and Mike Knox have formed a team called the “Hard Knox Connection.”

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