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Original Sin Cara Returns To The WWE – SmackDown Spoilers

Would he or wouldn’t he, that was the question for at least two weeks in the WWE. Would the WWE release the original Sin Cara or would he come back? Well that question was answered at this week’s SmackDown taping which will air this Friday night.

Be warned that you are about to read a SmackDown spoiler. Obviously by the headline you already know what the story is, but if you wish to be spared details, stop reading now. You have been warned!

The original Sin Cara, Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde returned to the WWE this week after weeks of debate concerning his future. The former Mistico appeared at the SmackDown taping and appears to have gotten a second and likely last chance at success with the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]According to several reports from Edge Appreciation Night, Alvirde returned and confronted the current Sin Cara played by Hunico. Alvirde made the save after the current Sin Cara played by Hunico wouldn’t stop beating down Daniel Bryan (join the club). There was a confrontation and it would appear that the WWE will move forward with a Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara program.

The return of Alvirde is likely due to the WWE being frustrated with the lack of progress of Hunico. Hunico was in the dog house on night one when Vince McMahon ordered him to redo his match with Heath Slater numerous times at a SmackDown taping. Students of WWE history will tell you that Vince McMahon making you go back out to redo a match is tantamount to the kiss of death.

Alvirde was sent home a second time from the WWE only a few days after returning from a Wellness Policy suspension. It was reported is that the WWE did not like his attitude, specifically not shaking everyone’s hand in the locker room. Once he was sent home it was reported that the WWE would move forward with Hunico and part with Alvirde. Lucky for Alvirde, Hunico did not connect as expected and he is now back for another opportunity.

[adinserter block=”1″]I don’t think anyone can discount Alvirde’s relationship with Triple H as to one of the main reasons he was brought back. Mistico was the first signee of the new Triple H regime of talent development. Triple H had been heavily involved with Alvirde and up until the Wellness Policy violation was able to protect him from typical WWE politics. However, once he was popped for a test and did an interview it appeared that Hunter’s influence wouldn’t be enough to save Alvirde. Whether it was or wasn’t, I am sure that Hunter is doing everything he possibly can to save face and get the pay off with his investment.

I am a fan of Alvirde so I am excited that he is back. He was one of the few bright spots for awhile on a rather mundane SmackDown roster. Once this feud with Hunico is over, I’d expect to see Sin Cara get a bigger push. The WWE will be going into Mexico in October for a tour and a RAW broadcast. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Sin Cara challenge Alberto Del Rio in October for the title or at least wrestle in the tour main-events.

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  1. Hopefully they keep this short and sweet as Hunico seems a bit sucky (is sucky even a word?) and then as you say he can maybe get a bigger push, although hopefully this time without the stupid blue lighting.


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