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OrcPad Online Games Review

OrcPadI was just surfing around today and I stumbled upon a nice games website, and decided to blog about it.

The website is an online games website and has a lot of cool free games. I was pretty happy with their random tab because each time when I visited the page I got a random selection of 15 games and at the same time some very cool games came up initially. Also I could find lots of fun games this way. One other thing… I like to play strategy games mostly and they also have a genre filter so I could also get lots of good random strategy games easily….

One of the very nice and fun games on there was boxhead which I was playing with a friend in a 2 player mode… Can be a very fun game when you start killing each other with grenades =P …

If going for single player I would recommend tower defense such as gemcraft or bloons tower defense, but then again I am very strategy oriented so I do not think that choosing like this would be fair since I would put the strategy games on top position usually, so…

[adinserter block=”1″]For shooters I would go for thing thing arena to relieve frustration as there is a lot of weapon switching and fragging can be very fun if you like quick and constant action 😉

Also you really should try Street Fighter II there because it is nearly identical copy of Street Fighter II and that game is just legendary! Pretty cool game 😉

There are even some other girl games there like slap fight =P… Ok this one is maybe not for girls that much but dressup games should be… But I guess it satisfies most girls so that’s one more reason for blogging it …

And for some of the older players, there is a near identical Doom clone, but I have to warn you the graphics are original… So if you want to know how the early 3d shooting games looked like or if you are nostalgic, take a look at the doom the flash game, a pioneer of the games.

Oh I forgot to mention you can also share your thoughts on the games if you register by comments, so if you have friends or you want to share your comments or chat with everyone you can just leave some under the game if you register or click the chat tab…

[adinserter block=”2″]Not to expand the list too much I will let you to explore the games and the website yourself so have fun playing and leave your favorite games as comments if you wish. 🙂 – James McCoy

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