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Online Franchise & Co-op Play in Madden 2010

madden2010EA continues to announce new features for the Madden franchise. EA recently announced several exciting online components the Madden video game. Madden 2010 will feature online co-op play and an online franchise mode for the first-time ever.

The new mode is very detailed and offers a ton of features. I predict that this will change the face of sports video games forever. I wouldn’t be surprised to see every sports video game feature similar online modes to Madden 2010. This is just the start of the new future of online sports gaming.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Madden 2010 co-op mode sounds like a lot of fun. The co-op online mode will allow two players to play on the same team online. All positions will be available for online gamers. Gamers can switch players between plays, thus not tipping their hat on offense to a run or a pass play.

Even more intense will be the new online franchise mode in Madden 2010. This just sounds unbelievable. Over the last few years I have read many gamers screaming for this addition to Madden. EA finally listens and delivers in Madden 2010.

The online franchise mode is said to be much like the standard franchise mode in past Madden games. The mode will feature authentic NFL schedules, tons of the usual stats, depth charts, and trading. Additionally, Madden 2010 will feature both a fantasy and a live draft. On paper, live drafting sounds like a ton of fun with great potential.

The Madden 2010 web site promises full support of the online franchise mode. Even when you aren’t online, the site promises to post stats and allow gamers to follow other teams in their league. Players will also have the opportunity to trade and change the depth chart from the web site. Reportedly, there is even an iPhone application expected to work in conjunction with the online franchise mode.

There will be some limitations to the online franchise mode. Reportedly, gamers will not be allowed to trade draft picks for players. I won’t be nit picky, but if I was I’d say that stinks. EA promises to fix bugs and continually update the mode. EA will also offer a spot for an online franchise commissioner who will have more options over rosters.

I may sound like a Madden snob, but one of my biggest complaints is the lack of a Super Bowl celebration. I just feel that if you run the table and win the championship, you should get some kind of payoff. For the first-time ever, Madden 2010 will feature a Super Bowl celebration.

[adinserter block=”2″] has a full review up on their site. They claim the game will have more details than ever. “In addition, there will be more elements of a pregame football atmosphere, such as camera shots of fans filing into the stands, USAF jets flying overhead after the National Anthem, and the occasional shots of players or referees doing their thing on the sidelines. When you add a postgame show called the “Extra Point,” hosted by Fran Charles and Alex Flanagan from the NFL Network, it seems like Madden will feel more like a real broadcast event than it has ever since the game moved to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

I have to say at this point, I am completely stoked about Madden 2010. It seems like someone at EA got inspired or just started listening to die-hard Madden fans and their wishes. To this lifelong Madden fan, August 10 can’t come soon enough.

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