One Man Short: Who’ll Team With Jericho?


Chris Jericho and EdgeI read Eric Gargiulo’s article about Edge being injured and he offered a couple of suggestions on how they should treat the Tag title situation. I do like the idea of Jericho defending the titles by himself, and I also like the idea offered up by Eric on Jericho having random partners filling in for Edge. But personally, I would love to see these couple of guys team up with Jericho, and I’ll give reasons behind why I would enjoy seeing them team with Jericho.

Matt Hardy

[adinserter block=”1″]Why would I suggest Matt Hardy? He already has heat from his feud with his brother from WrestleMania and from Backlash, and how he uses his cast to get ahead of his opponents. I also believe that his promo style would go well in hand with Jericho’s, and also could make a very interesting tag team. Hardy is a great tag specialist and knows how to get things done. This could also help Hardy to get into the main event status with having Jericho as his tag partner and getting a rub off of him.

Mike Knox

Not really a technical wrestler like Jericho, but could very well compliment Jericho’s style with power and strength. And if Knox teams up with Jericho, it would be a three-man team. How? It would be Jericho, Knox, and Knox’s beard. Knox’s beard counts as another person. Anyway, I think this would be great for Knox, just like Hardy, to get the rub that he would need to be considered into the Intercontinental Championship division and into the World Heavyweight Championship division, and that’s where everyone would want to be.

Dolph Ziggler

I’m not a fan of this guy, but I can see that Dolph Ziggler going far in the business, and it would only help him if he teams up with Jericho. These two teamed up a couple of times, if memory serves me correctly, and at least once at Superstars, and the team was impressive. I think Ziggler could very well learn a lot from Jericho and get a lot of advice from him on the road, how to improve his promos, his in-ring skills, and the whole package.

[adinserter block=”2″]But I just hope that the WWE doesn’t mess this up. It sucks that Edge got injured; they had a great thing on their hands. But if the WWE doesn’t do what they’ve been doing as of late, they would use a lower card wrestler to help build up that guy and make Jericho seem like the dominate leader that they need. But my plea is that Chris Jericho keeps the tag team titles and holds onto them for a while.

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