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Inside The Wheelhouse: Can the Jets be Super Bowl bound?

Rex Ryan New York JetsThe New York Jets have become everyone’s favorite Cinderella story to the NFL’s worst nightmare. They have put the remaining three other teams on notice as they will be entering the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the heavily favored Indianapolis Colts. It’s the playoffs and anything can truly happen now. The New York Jets are becoming America’s favorite underdog as they continue to strike fear in their opponents’ game after game.

The Jets were not supposed to make this far. Rex Ryan even wrote his team off after losing a heartbreaking game to the Atlanta Falcons. Throw in victories over teams that were playing for nothing (Colts & Bengals) and the Jets entered the playoff picture as a #5 seed in the Wild Card position. But they weren’t supposed to make it any farther then the first round of the playoffs.

A rookie quarterback, a rookie head coach, they weren’t supposed to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals at home. The Bengals were one of the best teams in the AFC all season long. The New York Jets were having an up & down season where they were riding the highest of highs and on the lowest of lows. They weren’t supposed to get past the team they beat in Week 17 as they rested their starters in the 2nd half. But they beat the Bengals and advanced to the Divisional round to play the Chargers.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now this time around they weren’t supposed to beat the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were favored as the best AFC team and even potential Super Bowl winners by many so called Football experts. The Chargers won 11 straight and were playing at home the Jets would not beat them in the Divisional round. But once again the Jets defeated a team they weren’t supposed to beat, a team that some considered as the best in the NFL, as they advanced to the AFC Championship game.

So now it’s time to take on the Indianapolis Colts with the right to play in the Super Bowl on the line. The Jets aren’t supposed to win this game either right? This is just a small stepping stone in the way of the Colts going back to the Super Bowl and possibly even win it all…right? The New York Jets aren’t supposed to be in the AFC Championship game, this nice story will be ending this weekend…right? The Jets won’t be going to the Super Bowl.

I say this…the Jets have a GOOD CHANCE on making the Super Bowl. Remember the Ravens and Steelers championship teams from the past decade? Defense wins championships and the Jets have the #1 defense in all of Football. Darrelle Revis has gone from nobody to somebody to the most feared cover corner in the National Football League. This Sunday he will be covering some of Peyton Manning’s favorite targets like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark with a chance in playing in the biggest Sports game in America.

You can’t tell me that Darrelle Revis and the rest of that amazing Jets defense won’t be ready to go this Sunday. They weren’t supposed to make it this far, everyone believed that except the Jets themselves. Funny things happen in the playoffs look at the Steelers winning the Championship as a #6 seed, the New York Giants won the Championship as a #5 seed, the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl as a #4 seed.

[adinserter block=”2″]It’s a whole new different ballgame when it comes to the Playoffs in the National Football League. Teams start playing with a whole different type of fire. The Jets are dangerous. There is more pressure on the Indianapolis Colts then they will let you know. The Jets are coming into this like the Bad News Bears of Football with no one believing them except their own fans.

The New York Jets can win the AFC Championship. If they can beat the Bengals and Chargers they can beat anyone. Even the mighty Indianapolis Colts.

They made me into a believer and I’m looking forward to the AFC Championship game. They are going to give the Indianapolis Colts everything they have and may end up shocking the world by the day’s end.

Maybe Rex Ryan was right in scheduling that the Championship parade for the New York Jets…

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