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The NXT Women’s Division Will Prevail

Asuka NXT

NXT hosted its annual Takeover Brooklyn special two weeks ago. The special lived up to its predecessor, and it silenced those who have doubted that the white hot streak is over. NXT is still very much the place to be, continuing the momentum that’s been over two years strong.

While NXT has its healthy mix of veterans and newcomers, there’s enough talent to keep NXT where it’s at and keep it fresh. The WWE Draft saw six NXT stars going to the main roster. While it didn’t leave much of a dent on the male side of things, the draft had four women who went onto the main roster. Now with Bayley finally making her long-awaited RAW debut, the NXT Women’s Division is shrinking more.

The move might have left the Women’s Division in a slump on the surface, but if anyone has seen Takeover Brooklyn, that is far from the truth. Ember Moon had an impressive debut and is the perfect addition to the NXT Women’s Division. Billie Kay showed signs of improvement and held fairly well against the red-eyed beauty. Bayley and Asuka put on a classic, topping their match from Takeover Dallas. Rumors are put to rest about Bayley as she is now officially on Raw. Judging from the showcase at Takeover Brooklyn, the NXT Women’s Division is still not lacking in the talent department. Bayley will indeed be missed but her departure will allow others to step up. The women of NXT know that they have big shoes to fill. The pressure will definitely be felt as they try to uphold the standard that was set back in the days where Paige ran the show.

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There are nine women who make up the NXT Women’s Division. NXT will need more than Asuka, Billie Kay, and Moon to keep it afloat. It’s debatable who would be the next woman to be featured prominently on NXT programming, and where the direction of the division is headed. With Moon’s strong debut, one can assume that she will be gunning for Asuka sooner rather than later. Asuka doesn’t look to be dethroned anytime soon, and she is still undefeated. Would Moon be able to top her? What is next for Billie Kay? Time will tell soon in this aspect and our questions will soon be answered.

All in all, if Takeover Brooklyn is an example of what’s to come, then the NXT Women’s Division is in good hands for now. With the Women’s Division doing great things on both the NXT and main roster, the direction they are going in won’t stop anytime soon. The NXT ladies have a lot of work to do to uphold the standard that the others before them have set. Fans will just have to tune in and see what’s next for the women of NXT. We just may be surprised.

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