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NXT Stars should be the Next Main Event Stars for WWE

WWE is supposedly in chaos right now as the company searches for ways to fill its main event roster. I say “supposedly” because honestly, this is a lot of speculation and beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess as to what shape WWE is really in backstage.

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Fans may believe it’s time to sound the alarm but who knows if WWE creative feels the same way? It would not be the first time each side had two different opinions on the same topic.

But while the buzz continues online and while writers like me continue to analyze the situation, the truth is all is not lost for WWE. I recently wrote a piece explaining why the company has more than enough help to overcome the holes left by injuries and much of that help should come from NXT.

NXT is WWE’s developmental system of course, intended to be the place where budding main event talents can hone their skills and learn the company’s style. That description perfectly fit FCW, mostly because their TV was not featured on a subscriber based network, where fans all over the world could see it.

After all, how could the company expect evolution for its relative unknown stars if they could be seen by the world at large 24/7? But that is exactly what we’re seeing right now with NXT as the stars on that program are becoming household names for many WWE fans.

So much for allowing guys the opportunity to work out the kinks in their act before the bright lights are turned on. Those days are over. With that being the case and considering NXT is only getting hotter, there seems to be no choice than to utilize that talent for WWE’s weekly TV programming.

At this point, how could WWE not go all out to repair the damage done by departed main event stars? That’s not to say that all of the NXT talent are indeed ready for prime time right now but there can be no denying that many of them are prepared to make an immediate impact.

Samoa Joe. If ever there was a worker ready for WWE and fully capable of skipping developmental, it’s him. Not since CM Punk has there been a hand more prepared than Joe and now WWE should realize what it has and move on getting him to Raw.

Baron Corbin may not be the most gifted talent in the NXT locker room but he is a catalyst for controversy and what better platform to display that than Monday nights? Put him with a mouthpiece like Zeb Colter and Corbin could quickly become a must-see star for the company.

The Vaudevillains recently lost the NXT tag team championships so now may be the perfect time for them to make a splash on the main roster. It’s a unique act with a different look and a style all their own. No one looks like them, no one sounds like them and they would become very memorable very quickly.

Apollo Crews is one of the most dynamic, most popular stars in NXT and he has been over from the day he set foot in Florida. Fans love this guy because he’s good, he’s likeable and he has the complete package in the ring. Why not give him a shot right now?

Finn Balor is arguably the best talent NXT has. He’s talented in the ring, he has a very impressive resume worth of work and he’s relatable in every way. His penchant for the theatrical puts him on a whole other level and his Demon persona would definitely get him over from the second fans see it live on Raw.

A lot of fans may be asking the same question right about now. “What, the answer to plugging WWE’s main event roster is to rob NXT of its main event roster?” Of course not. Just because these guys or any number of others could appear on Raw and SmackDown on any given night does not mean they need to permanently leave NXT behind.

You cannot fix one problem by creating another and WWE surely knows that. So why do it? Instead, why not feature an NXT match every Monday night? Depending on who is booked, the match could be the curtain jerk, setting the pace for the rest of the night, or the semi-main event, responsible for bringing the house down.

For that matter, why not give the NXT talent a shot at the main event? Competition is part of getting better; if the guys on WWE’s main roster aren’t crazy about sharing the spotlight with NXT, then maybe they should up their game and start performing at a higher level.

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The fact is there are options for WWE, if the desire is there to explore them. There are a lot of talented men and women in NXT right now and all of them are itching for a chance to prove they have what it takes. Appearing sporadically on Raw and SmackDown would be a great way for the company to test the waters, to see which talents are truly ready for prime time.

Fans want something different, and the timing couldn’t be better to try something different. There’s no need to immediately run to veterans or go outside the company for help. Much of the answers are already there and NXT is full of them.

Sound the alarm; NXT is ready for the call.

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