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NPJW Rumors Still Blazing Hot Thanks to Finn Balor

Despite the last several days, the rumors of several NPJW stars leaving are still as hot as they were last Monday. We know that when one rumor starts, it spirals out of control.

Some of the stars, such as Tama Tonga, Rocky Romero and Bad Luck Fale, have put a stop to some of the rumors, citing they all have resigned with NPJW. On the flip side, Shinsuke Nakamura has been stripped of his IWGP Intercontinental Championship upon his notice. While he, AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson are rumored to be coming over to the states for WWE contracts, they are being quiet about what is transpiring.

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To add fuel to the fire, various members of the Bullet Club and Finn Balor have been teasing the rumors the last several days. Especially Balor, who has been tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram of all things Bullet Club. As most fans know, Balor came to NXT with great hype due to his history in the NPJW scene, and more importantly, with these men. And the buzz is greater now.

WWE made the move to conduct and post an interview with Balor addressing some of the rumors. In turn, the Bullet Club members have posted pictures in support of their former member by wearing his Balor Club t-shirt; which could be seen as homage to the super faction. If anything else, these guys are having fun working the pro wrestling fans that are screaming and salivating for more.

The hype surrounding this is definitely an understatement.

At this point, Balor is the key in all of the madness going on right now. Because of his past association with all four men, much of the speculation is pointing towards him when it comes down to these rumors. He knows it and is taking those rumors, running with them full force.

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This story is so big, WWE would have to weave Balor in and address the situation using him. They can’t simply just ignore these rumors. WWE doesn’t want to just come out and say anything either. The fact of those four men are leaving NPJW alone is huge. What better way to fuel the fire than to use their NXT Champion that carries a history with them? It’s like a perfect storm. As I said in my last blog, if the signings of Styles and Nakamura happen, WWE will have secured two of the best acquisitions they’ve ever had since the signing of Sting. They are the top two wrestlers on the planet; they are white hot. Let’s not leave out the fact the signings of Gallows and Anderson is great in their own right, too. Again, three of these four men were part of the Bullet Club, who has made massive waves in Japan for going on three years now.

Regardless of who is actually coming, something is definitely brewing and the result of that can happen very soon.

Until we see any kind of official announcement, the speculation will be high and the rumor mill will be working overtime. Pro wrestling fans’ fantasies will continue to go overboard of what could be in WWE/NXT. When the news comes, no one has any idea. I’d say don’t get your hopes up too high with the Royal Rumble on the horizon. The news may come before, or it may come after. Until we see it happen, keep an open mind and enjoy the ride as it comes. The rumors surrounding some of NPJW’s finest are still on fire. That fire will be ablaze and burn for quite some time. And when the smoke clears, get ready.

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