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Now that there is a WWE Corporation, Use it Wisely

I have been preaching the idea of a new “Corporation” style faction in the WWE since the days of John Lauriniatis and big “conspiracy” that never was.

Fortunately, it never happened. At the time, The WWE (and Triple H) wasn’t ready to handle such an endeavor.

Now it is.

[adinserter block=”1″]The idea of the Corporation will become the biggest storyline in the company and the wrestling business this year. While TNA is struggling to stay afloat and continues to water down its product with MMA fighters, the WWE continues to be innovative, even if it takes awhile for the innovation to be made clear.

This is one faction and idea we can all get behind.

And regardless of like or dislike, Randy Orton is the perfect heel or foil in this plan. Sometimes, not all the time, the best laid plans are the ones that worked years ago. This is one of those times.

The WWE must take this idea and run with care and try not to bury it as it has done in the past with other segments that looked great and then fell apart. This new faction in the company looks like it is a true winner from the start and is so “over” with the fans immediately because we all have been waiting for it for so long for an Orton heel turn that when it happened, we were amazed at how great it was.

And the fact it would appear the world is against Daniel Bryan is brilliant.

I want to emphasize that the WWE must not allow this corporate move to get to big or to become stale too quickly. That is why D-X worked. That is why the Nation of Domination worked and for a while, that is why Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and the nWo worked. Only after these factions (with the exception of D-X) and others “Jumped the Shark” did we see how great they could have been.

Even better than they were. And in this case, sticks and stones may break their bones, but adding wrestlers to the mix will kill it. I can see the Corporation adding a wrestler or two (Wade Barrett, maybe Curtis Axel if Paul Heyman jumps in) but that is it. The need to find other wrestlers to battle them will in effect become combative to a point the numbers won’t add up. There will be disruption and the plan will fail.

As I said before, this is also a great chance for the company to use the four to six months John Cena will be away from the company to see if it can manage with another superstar running the show. Bryan needs to be that man. But if the WWE decides in its own way to bring back wrestlers like Batista and add them to their corporate profile, this does not work as well.

Note: The Batista idea is an example and he is not rumored in any way to be included in this program.

In a perfect world (add creepy theater man voice) the WWE would have this heel faction run over faces and have The Shield enforce “justice” for a month or so until after Night of Champions. Three belts are already protected. It makes sense to see how the fans react to an old WCW idea.

Then, when Bryan gets his butt kicked week after week, wrestlers will come to his aid. We know of three already who should get involved in this program (Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Mark Henry) but will there be others?

[adinserter block=”2″]As long as the WWE does not ruin this run, we will get a chance to see what happens.

David is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and can be read here. Follow David on Twitter @davidlevin71

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  1. Wade Barret and maybe get Drew McIntyre out of that ridiculous 3MB and turn him into a Corporation member. Also, have you noticed all the champs are heels!


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