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Now That LeBron Won, Who’s Now Under Pressure To Win A Ring?

LeBron-James“Under pressure. pushing down on me. pressing down on you. no man ask for.”

For those of you who are fans of rock music, or specifically the legendary band QUEEN, the above quote is from their song, “Under Pressure,” which features the great David Bowie. The song is from the band’s “Hot Space” album. The lyric definitely applied to a one 3 time MVP LeBron James of the Miami Heat, the superstar NBA player who finally got his first NBA Championship ring after 9 years in the league. Throughout his career, he’s had to live up to very high expectations, and has been lauded as the “Chosen One,” and has been highly praised, since being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

[adinserter block=”2″]In 2010, when he was a free agent, he was the talk of that year’s off season. ESPN went overboard with the story of where he would go. On July 8,2010, LeBron James finally made up his mind, and on a now infamous special called “The Decision,” he announced he would “take his talents to South Beach.” He would join former Toronto Raptor Chris Bosh (also a free agent), and Miami Heat member Dwayne Wade as a member of the Miami Heat. With permission of the NBA, as both Bosh and James were not signed yet, the Heat had a celebration for the fans where LeBron said the infamous words, “Not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7…” That year, the team made it to the NBA Finals, but despite leading 2 games to 1 over the Dallas Mavericks, they eventually loss, to the delight of many, as the “Big Three,” became the target of hate, particularly LeBron.

This year, despite the season being shortened due to the NBA lockout, the Heat broke through, and won the second Title for the team. It was Chris Bosh’s first, and Dwayne Wade’s second. The team had to deal with Bosh’s abdominal injury, which caused him to miss several playoff games, and a hobbled Dwayne Wade, but LeBron James did step up in the playoffs, and won his first ring, despite what ESPN “First Take’s” Skip Bayless says. James became the MVP of the Finals as well.

As far as the hate, I think now that James has won, people need to lay off, even though I know there are people who never will. That is their issue. Did James handle leaving Cleveland right? No. He admits that. He even admits it was immature to have the celebration, and brag about how many titles he was going to win. It is called growing up. He has won his ring. Time to let the hate go.

Now that LeBron James has won HIS ring, I would like to examine some individuals in the sports world who are as QUEEN and David Bowie would say, “under pressure” to win THEIR first ring.

So, here we go.

Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo

Tony Romo is one of the most controversial QBs in the NFL. I say that because when the discussion of elite QBs come up, the experts get into a real debate when Romo’s name comes up. There are some that really love Romo, and others that are not that sold on him. NFL fans are very divided on him as well. Of course, you have former Cowboys such as Roger Staubach, and Troy Aikman singing his praises. Former QB Brett Farve said recently that “Romo is a lot like me.” So, there are those who like the guy.

Romo can put up great statistics. He has a career passer rating of 95.6 which is second of all time in NFL history. He has a good team under him. Romo can move in the pocket, and make some moves out of the pocket. He is not as mobile as Aaron Rodgers or Ben Roethlisberger, but he has some mobility. My problem with him is he is 1-3 in the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys have not even SEEN a Super Bowl since February, 1996. Romo also has to eliminate the one thing, at least in my mind, that keeps him out of being an elite QB. There have been plenty of games where the Cowboys appear to have the game in hand, and Romo will, at the most inopportune time, throw the dumb interception. Cowboy fans reading this must know what I mean. Get a tape of that Lions game of 2011, if you know what I mean. He also will fumble the ball too. He has to eliminate that garbage. He has to be more of a leader, especially down the stretch in late December if he wants to lead the team deep into the playoffs.

The San Diego Chargers

Yes, I know the Chargers have been to the Super Bowl, but that was in late January of 1995, and they got demolished by the San Fransisco 49ers. All I have heard on ESPN for years was how “classy” San Diego was, and how they were the “class” of the league. At that point, they became a very good team when they got Marty Schottenheimer as head coach, and the now retired Ladanian Tomlinson, and the brash, but good Philip Rivers at QB. They had Vincent Jackson at that point, who is now a Buccaneer. They still have Antonio Gates, who is battered, and bruised due to foot issues, but he is still good when healthy.

After a 14-2 season, in 2006, and a bye, they lost to the Patriots, Schottenheimer got fired thanks to GM A.J Smith. Smith hired Norv Turner. Well, in recent years, the Chargers have missed the playoffs twice, and have gotten knocked out of the playoffs. They only reached the AFC Championship game once in the 2007/08 season against the Patriots. Rivers played valiantly with a torn ACL, while “Mr. Classy” Ladanian Tomlinson who attempted to play with an injured MCL, played maybe one series, and sat on the sidelines with his helmet on, looking like Darth Vader.

Well, the Chargers are really under the gun. For years, all we hear is how talented they are. I have heard Rivers run his mouth. As ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption’s” Mike Wilbon had once said of the Chargers, “So much talent. Too much mouth.” I think the window may be closing on this team, and since a good portion of them like to run their mouths, it is time to put up, or shut up.

Eagles Coach Andy Reid

If ANY head coach is under pressure to win a Super Bowl ring, I can’t think of any other except Andy Reid. The Philadelphia Eagles fanbase has called for his head for years when he finishes the season without the Lombardi Trophy, even when he has a good season. From watching the way he coaches, and from watching the decisions he makes on the field, I can understand why the Eagle fanbase gets upset. He calls conservative plays when he should go for it, and things like that.

[adinserter block=”1″]The strange thing about Andy Reid is that he seems to survive everything. Even seasons where other coaches would have been fired, he somehow hangs on to his job. Anyway, his record as head coach is 126-81-1 W-L, and 10-9 W-L in playoffs, but the big albatross on him is zero Super Bowl titles. Last year, he had to juggle a whole bunch of new players that former backup QB Vince Young called, “The Dream Team,” and now that there is a full off season, there will be pressure to bring home that Lombardi, or he will be on the hot seat again.

Source: “Under Pressure” by Queen, featuring David Bowie. From the Album “Hot Space.”

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