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Nothing Meaningless About This NFL Pre Season

Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings I love when alleged football fans immediately dismiss the NFL pre season as meaningless. That may have been true in past seasons, but the 2009 NFL pre season is anything but meaningless. There has been more drama, story and controversy than in any other NFL pre season that I can remember. This NFL pre season is anything but meaningless.

The drama has just been second to none. The drama this pre season rivals NFL regular season drama and storylines. Some of the drama actually translated into actual game play. For NFL players like Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Tarvaris Jackson, Michael Vick, Jay Cutler, and Donovan McNabb, this was anything but a meaningless pre season.

The Michael Vick saga rivals any NFL regular season drama. Where would Vick go? Would anyone take him? How would fans react to Vick playing on their team? Does Vick still have the same NFL abilities he had before jail? Is there any off-the field storyline that will even touch this in the regular season?

For Philadelphia Eagles fans and the NFL world, the Eagles pre season game against the Jacksonville Jaguars was anything but meaningless. Viewers were glued to their televisions to see what Vick had left and how the Eagles would use him. There are more questions than ever on the field regarding Vick and McNabb after the game. This is one storyline that is just beginning.

Tom Brady is arguably the golden boy of the NFL. Good looking, married to a model, actor, and the most accomplished NFL quarterback of this generation. Brady was knocked out of last season in Week 1 with an injury. Further complications had some doctors predicting that Brady would never play again. Tom Brady’s return to the field whether it be regular or pre season is meaningful to everyone.

Brett Favre pulled well, another Favre. Favre retired and unretired for the second year in row. Favre joined the hated rival of his former Green Bay Packers team, the Minnesota Vikings. That alone is enough drama to carry us through the regular season. The cherry on the sundae is unlike last year, Favre wasn’t given a heroes welcome by his new team.

Favre’s first game as a Viking opened up a bigger can of worms. Favre played a few snaps against the Kansas City Chiefs and looked awful. Fellow quarterback Tarvaris Jackson followed Favre and had an outstanding game, which compounded the drama. This game has been the catalyst for a rift in the locker room which has only gotten uglier in recent days. All eyes were on Favre the following week in Houston. There was nothing meaningless about the Week 3 game between the Texans and the Vikings.

Jay Cutler was traded in the off season from the Denver Broncos to the Chicago Bears. Cutler quickly became the most hated man in Denver by his demands to leave the city. Cutler threw fuel on the fire by critisczing Broncos fans. Denver fans didn’t have to wait long to get their revenge on old Jay.

Cutler returned to Denver in Week of the NFL pre season. The hype surrounding this game rivaled an NFL playoff game. I could argue that this will be the biggest game in the city all season. Cutler was booed so loudly that the stadium shook. After the Brandon Marshall mess, this was a night that Broncos fans could use to take out their frustrations. They did and created an amazing atmosphere for any game. This was hardly a meaningless game to Jay Cutler and Denver Broncos fans.

There have been plenty of issues to write about off of the field. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger became the defendant in an embaressing lawsuit as pre season started. Brandon Marshall made a mockery of himself and his new coach on video. Mark Sanchez barely grabbed the starting job in New York. Vince Young was one slot away from going to NFL Rookie of the Year to third string quarterback in just a few seasons. Chad Ochocinco became such a model citizen for the Bengals that he even volunteered to fill in for the kicker. This has been the most fun NFL pre season that I can ever remember and the best news is that we’re just getting started.

So whoever said the NFL pre season is meaningless has been missing one hell of an exciting pre season.

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