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Not One, But Two Main Events On This Week’s ROH TV

ROH-logoCan “Diehard” Eddie Edwards hold off “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin with Truth Martini? We’ll find out later tonight but for now we start off the show with the first of two main events as tag team rivals “The All Night Express” Rhett Titus and Kenny King take on The Briscoe Brothers.

“The All-Night Express” Rhett Titus & Kenny King VS The Briscoe Brothers

This was a highly entertaining match up that would determine who would be the number one contender to current ROH tag team champions “World’s Greatest Tag Team” Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. “The All Night Express” showed maturity in this match up and proved that they are coming of age and ready to challenge for the tag team gold in ROH and no one could serve as a better barometer than the multi-time champion Briscoes.

One highlight of the match was the unique “Froggy-Bow” maneuver off the top rope, think frog splash that ends in a top rope flying elbow!!!! But this match would end in controversial fashion as the referee was distracted by Titus and Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe hit King with a blatant kick to the groin and rolled up with a small package for the win, or so the Briscoes thought. Upon further review and much protest from the All Night Express video evidence showed the low blow. Jim Cornette would rule that right or wrong at the time in ROH the referee’s decision is final and the Briscoes may have won the match but for now neither team would be crowned the number one contenders to the ROH tag titles.

This week ROH focus on “House of Truth” leader Truth Martini as well as taking a look at Eddie Edwards quest to get another shot at ROH champion Davey Richards. Martini delivers some of his clever one liners and comes off as the prophetic leader of his stable in ROH. He touts himself as a Life Intervention Expert.

Cornette explains the role that Martini has played thus far in ROH and how Roderick Strong was a member of the roster for 8 years before acquiring Martini’s services and ultimately becoming ROH champion. He then gives a little insight into Michael Elgins role as the “muscle” of the House of Truth and how he blends strength and speed in a combination that is unseen in ROH. It seems that for now Elgin is content playing the role of enforcer for Truth Martini but with the physical gifts that Elgin possess how long will it be before he decides to break out on his own and take steps towards ROH gold?

Next we examine how Eddie Edwards is looking for his rematch against former “American Wolves” teammate and current ROH champion Davey Richards. These two hold victories over each other and right now Richards is the hunted and Edwards is the hunter and if Edwards wants to have the rubber match then tonight he has to get past one man and that man is Michael Elgin and tonight the two meet in the second main event of the evening.

“Diehard” Eddie Edwards VS “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin with Truth Martini

Elgin is a powerhouse and reminds you alot former ECW & WWE superstar Rhino. He is freakishly strong and moves like a cruiserweight but does lack experience. Elgin and Edwards trade chops and Elgin hit a powerful Samoan drop on Edwards and the action spills to the outside and Edwards hits a succession of dropkicks through the ropes and then hits a picture perfect suicide dive to the outside and nearly puts Elgin through the barricade. Edwards continues the onslaught as he delivers a top rope double stomp to Elgin on the ring apron.

Edwards ascends to the top turnbuckle and hits a second top rope double stomp to the back of Elgin’s head. Elgin proves to be resilient and counters a lariat attempt by Edwards but Edwards gains the upper hand and goes for his DieHard finisher and Elgin counters with a wicked running power bomb into the turnbuckle known as the “Buckle-Bomb”. But this night belonged to the durable Edwards as he was able to hit his “DieHard” finisher on his second attempt and pick up the win and now look ahead to a possible rematch against Davey Richards.

Roderick Strong enters the ring to have a face to face with Edwards and now Martini enters as well as Elgin and the House of Truth seem to have Edwards right where they want him and Nigel McGuiness decides to lose the headphones and sport coat and enter the ring as this week’s ROH TV comes to a close.

Closing Thoughts

Who will be named the number one contender for the ROH tag team titles? When will Edwards get a rematch against Richards? Where does Roderick Strong fit into this equation and what exactly did it mean by Nigel McGuniess entering the ring? No doubt the answers to the questions lie in the weeks ahead.

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