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North Korea Abandons Western Calendar and is in Year 112 as per Juche Calendar

Ethiopians finally realized a few days ago that they were still in the year 2014, while the remainder of the globe was in the year 2022. There are some differences in North Korea’s calendar, too. Many countries appear to be following a calendar other than those used by the rest of the globe. It is going to be the Year 112 in North Korea, according to their own calendar.

There is no time travel involved here, but North Korea would be commemorating their New Year in a matter of a few days. And it’s all because of a single day or should I say a birthday.

What Is North Korea’s Juche Year?

North Korea is known for its love of parties, and that is why the new year is celebrated there for a full three nights. The Lunar New Year, The Gregorian New Year, as well as the Juche New Year are all celebrated by them. Even if the Gregorian calendar is used for the days and hours, the North Korean Juche calendar is used for years, according to The Guardian.

In 1912, Kim Il-sung, the leader of North Korea, was born. Following his birth, the nation began using the Gregorian calendar, and this is regarded as “Year 1.” Because of this, the Juche New Year, commonly referred to as “Day of the Sun,” comes every year on 15 April. North Korea’s Juche Year 112 will commence in a matter of days.

“Spirit of self-reliance” as well as “independent mindset” are two of Kim Il Sung’s core concepts, both of which are translated as “Juche” in English. Even though the Gregorian calendar was adopted by the Central News Agency until last week, the British publication “Times” said that it was originally developed in 1997, 3 years following the demise of North Korea’s dictator.

How Does North Korea Celebrate New Year?

Throughout Juche’s New Year festivities, it is critical, as per Uri Tours, to express appreciation to the elderly. Every member of the household, no matter where they may be geographically located, must come together to mark the start of a new year. Songpyeon, a typical Korean meal, is also on the menu.

An estimated 50,000 North Korean visitors are expected to visit Kumsunan Palance of the Sun in the coming days. They’re doing this to honor Kim Il Sung as well as Kim Jong Il, the nation’s departed leaders. Throughout the late afternoon, Pyongyang residents will congregate in the downtown area to watch and participate in a customary North Korean dance performance.

Early this year, Jordan Simons, a renowned TikToker, commented on North Korea’s calendar. As of April, his post had been viewed by over five million people and had 333,00 likes.



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