Nobody shows up for Eli Manning Press Conference – Video


Nobody shows up at Eli Manning's post game press conference in NFL Week 15This may be one of the most unintentionally funny videos ever. Check out the Eli Manning post game press conference following the Giants 21 point collapse to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday. If New York Giants fans were embarrassed by the team’s performance, you haven’t seen anything yet.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is pretty inconceivable to me that in one of the biggest sports markets in the world, one person shows up for a press conference with a Super Bowl winning quarterback. I know Eli Manning is no Terrell Owens when it comes to press conferences, but where was the New York sports media? I mean really where were they?

Hey if the Giants weren’t going to show up in the fourth quarter Sunday I guess the media decided to follow in the trend of the G-Men.

Eagles-Giants Week 15 highlights

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  1. Its funny to hear Eli called a average player. When in fact he is constantly ranked year after year in the elite top 10. His stats and the Giants over .500 records proves it.
    The other Quarterbacks ranked have alot more experiance and as his record shows each year he plays he gets better. I wait one year to see him be the best ranked and highest stats in the league.

  2. I hear all the fuzz about how bad Ely is but truth to be told they score big points in this game and they are not sucking this year, who is to blame in this freakin fiasco? your defense and the defense coordinator and not Ely, ungrateful fans soon forgot who took them and made possible the win in the superbowl against the unbeatable perfect season Pats. Granted Ely is not peyton but sure he is better than 70 % of all other QBs in the league.

  3. Nobody will probably comment in this column either BUT Eli on any other team would be a back-up QB. The Giants built a team around him with a 5 star defense and great running backs so even 'ol average Eli can perform with the amount of time he gets to throw the ball. His new contract is obscene for a BOZO like Eli. What's wrong with the Giants owners/management?? It's just dumb!


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