12 seasons + no Super Bowl = Philadelphia Eagles success


Joe Banner loves his Andy Reid12 years of frustration for Philadelphia Eagles fans will only continue according to Eagles president Joe Banner. Joe is impressed with Andy Reid‘s efforts to bring the birds to the playoffs three years in a row. Oh it’s impressive, unless you mention the fact that he’s lost his last three in a row.

Oh how I love this time of year. The time of year where Joe Banner pops his head up out from his evil lair at the Nova Care Center to tell us how great of a job his team did. Yes for the last 11 years the annual Joe Banner B.S. press conference has been a gift for Philadelphia sports bloggers and once again, Mr. Banner stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park.

[adinserter block=”2″]The highlight for me from the Joe Banner quotes I have read over the last 24 hours is his assessment on Andy Reid. After pointing out that the Philadelphia Eagles are only one of three teams to make the playoffs three straight years (and lose the last two Wild Card games, one at home) he said about Reid.

“It’s just not constructive for me to get into a hypothetical. I think you all know we have a very high opinion of Andy, as a person and as a coach. That doesn’t mean to imply that he’s perfect. He would tell you that himself. There’s criticism that’s fair. . . . The future will be determined when we get there. Whatever criticism it leads to, there’s nobody in a decision-making position in this organization who doesn’t have a very high opinion of Andy Reid.”

Really? As someone that has watched every Philadelphia Eagles game of the Andy Reid tenure, it amazes me that anyone would have a high opinion of Andy Reid. Would your boss have a high opinion of you if you had 12 chances to do something you never accomplished? This goes back to the Jeff Fisher stories that came out after he left the Titans about how big of a mistake the Titans were making. If the ultimate goal is winning a Super Bowl and you fire a coach that never won it, are you really taking a step back?

To me the fact that Andy Reid has not only had 12 seasons to win a Super Bowl, but had the majority of decision making over most of those 12 years and only gets to one tells me that he just can’t win the big one. I am sorry. I think his limited success is more of an indication that there are a lot of bad head coaches around the NFL who are easy to beat during the regular season because when Reid faces the great ones in the post season he fails. It is that easy. Why is this man so highly regarded who hasn’t won the Super Bowl and has only been to one in twelve seasons?

It should also be pointed out that the Eagles were a Wild Card team the last three seasons. The Seattle Seahawks were a Wild Card team this year! Plenty of average teams sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card. The birds were also road Wild Card teams two of the last three seasons which means they didn’t even finish in the top four. It isn’t like Andy Reid took his teams to the playoffs for three seasons as one of the top seeds. Keep in mind that Reid has been to the playoffs nine times and only made one Super Bowl! A great coach would have won at least a Super Bowl in nine trips even if just by accident.

So what is the barometer anymore in the NFL to judge a great head coach? Do you really need to give a coach over eight years to know whether he is good enough to win it? Take a look at the last three head coaches to win a Super Bowl. Mike Tomlin won a Super Bowl in his second season and played in two during his first four seasons. Sean Payton won a Super Bowl in his fourth season. Mike McCarthy won a Super Bowl in his fifth season. Do you see a pattern here? If a head coach isn’t getting it done by the fifth or sixth season with a team he isn’t ever going to get it done.

[adinserter block=”1″]The Philadelphia Eagles desperately need a change at head coach. There are new coordinators available every season that appear to do just fine with a short transition period with their new team. No, not every new coordinator is going to work out but the last three Super Bowl winners were all coached by head coaches who were in their first head coaching gig from coordinator or assistants. This idea that the Eagles are going to fall apart without Andy Reid is just ludicrous.

There is no doubt that the Eagles have a lot of talent on offense, but their defense needs a lot of work. By the time the defense catches up with the offense, the window will probably close on the offense. Don’t even get me started on the offensive line which is ironic since Reid was a former lineman. The biggest need of the Philadelphia Eagles isn’t a tackle, a defensive lineman, or a defensive back. The biggest need of the Philadelphia Eagles is a new head coach and until that happens it doesn’t matter whether you have Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, or Mike Kafka throwing the ball. If the head coach continues to be unprepared in post season play the Eagles won’t be improving anytime over the next few years.

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