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For the love of God, No more ECW

ECWIn an effort to plug the sinking ship known as TNA Wrestling, TNA has revived ECW. The TNA ECW Invasion along with their version of One Night Stand are about the most uncreative things I have seen since well, any Impact in the last six months. I love nostalgia but if I see one more ECW reunion I am going to scream.

Tommy Dreamer shot an angle at the recent TNA Impact tapings where he begged Dixie Carter for a one-night only ECW themed pay-per-view. Dixie Carter agreed only if he promised to tighten up his work (I threw that last part in). Dreamer cited his desire for an ECW show based on Vince McMahon “ruining ECW.” If anything, Tommy Dreamer should have been begging Dixie Carter not to proceed with this or any other ECW angle.

As a former member of the ECW roster (a very small cog on the wheel), I have nothing but love and fond memories of Team Extreme. I was pumped when WWE produced the ECW One Night Stand series. I called matches as a commentator for Shane Douglas’ ECW revival on their November Reign DVD and webcast. But enough is enough already. Once Vince McMahon created the “new” ECW the “old” ECW should have been put to rest permanently. Seeing the extreme heroes in 2010 trying to recreate something from 1996 is not what I’d call a tribute. These ECW revivals are turning into the parodies that ECW used to mock back in 1996. This time ECW is the joke.

[adinserter block=”1″]It actually makes me angry whenever I hear of these ECW revivals or reunions. Every summer there are about half of a dozen ECW reunion events whether it be conventions or independent shows. I joked with one of my friends last year who also was an ex-ECW employee about why anyone calls these events “reunions” anymore when everyone just saw one another the week before. ECW has been dead for almost 10 years and those are the memories that should stand from the Extreme revolution. This latest attempt to whore out ECW one last time just comes off as pathetic for my tastes.

Times are rough in TNA and I understand. Ratings are nowhere near where they were before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff took over. Dave Meltzer reports that buyrates for the last two TNA pay per view events are rumored to be as low as under 10,000 which is astonishing if true. There are all kinds of reports of internal pressures to fix TNA. Heck, even TNA president Dixie Carter is picking matches apart and telling talent to “tighten their matches.” So what is the answer that all of these brilliant minds came up with? Bring back an act from 1997 in 2010?

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It really doesn’t surprise me. TNA has exhausted every WCW angle that they could possibly get their hands on over the last few years. But this is just ridiculous. I love all of the ECW guys personally and professionally involved in this angle. But who in 2010 wants to see these guys in prime time? The wrestling business has changed, everyone is older, and there is nothing extreme at all about this anymore. As much as I love those guys, Sting, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan were much bigger stars than anything ECW and nobody wants to see them. So who in their right mind thinks that there is any interest in seeing ECW in 2010?

[adinserter block=”2″]Rumors indicate that TNA created this angle with the hopes of Paul Heyman leading the ECW invasion. After a lot of negotiations it looks like that isn’t going to happen. Most close to Heyman report that there is very little chance of him coming into TNA either as a talent or writer. The irony of this is that I have heard from several people who are friendly with Heyman that he has hated all of these attempts to revive ECW over the last few years. Did you ever wonder why you never see Paul Heyman at any of these ECW-themed events? Thank God someone here has some integrity.

I loved ECW but I also loved the Freebirds vs. the Von Erichs. Is a Buddy Roberts vs. Lacey Von Erich feud next? How about bringing back Bruno Sammartino and Stan Hansen? What about bringing back Kevin Sullivan vs. the Mulligans while we are at it? You get the point. There are just some great memories in pro wrestling that need to be left alone. Please I am begging every independent promoter and pro wrestling writer, for the love of God no more ECW. It is really starting to hurt!

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  1. I totally agree as well. The first ECW One Night Stand was a great idea. The second ONS was a good idea. The ECW relaunch was a fair idea (at best), and it's execution left much to be desired. This TNA version of ECW is nothing less than pathetic.

  2. ECW was what it was. Let it go. Let it die. How many times are we goin to dig up the body for shits, giggles & buyrates, all of which is panning out into one sad hot mess. U can't blame Heyman for avoiding tna like the plague. The product is absymal

  3. I could not agree with you more. It's as though the people in charge of TNA think that a quick fix is just the thing to make them worthy competitors to WWE. Guess what? It'll take more than that, just a bit. It'll take a thing called "paying attention to cultural trends", "what the fans really want" and honest to god effort. If I were in charge of the booking team – and I must point out that I am speaking entirely as someone from outside the business, never seen the inside – my first priority wouldn't be to try and sell some major event or a big change. It would be to change things gradually, place more emphasis on the people that should have more emphasis put on them, forget the swerves and focus more on building up the wrestling. And then from there, create an identity distinct from WWE, which has positive connotations.

    But instead, given past performances… what'll happen is this angle will fail to get TNA any recognition – whether it hurts or helps ratings can only be told through time – and then in another two or three months TNA will announce another big change that will, ultimately, also fall flat on its ass. Ad nauseum.


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