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No Justice Served For Pacquiao-Mayweather Fans

Floyd MayweatherPacquiao – Mayweather is off. I waited on wasting any time writing about the subject until I got official word on what the outcome would be, and I’m a bit surprised. I’m surprised Mayweather backed out, which he did. I’m not going to be bias, I’m not going to say who would win, because, I don’t know for sure – no one does. I thought it would happen for two reasons.

First, Mayweather, as he calls himself “Money” and carries around twenty grand on himself whenever there’s a camera around passed up a paycheck for at least fifty million dollars, that would turn into more, and I’m surprised because we all know Floyd needs the “Money” after his recent troubles with the IRS and before even fighting Marquez a lot of people thought it was for the money, yet, that’s not my beef with it. I always had Mayweather’s back when it was so easy not to, but he just ruined his place in history. When his name will come up in years to come and they talk about the “greatest” boxers and whatnot the subject that will come up will be “Floyd did not fight Manny” – plain and simple.

[adinserter block=”1″]Riddick Bowe, former heavyweight champion, first person to beat Holyfield, first person to knock him out, in only two people who have knocked him out, retiring with a record of 42 wins and 1 loss, with Eddie Futch saying he could have been the best heavyweight of all time, he is remembered for one thing… he ducked Lennox Lewis. In Bowe’s “act” – holding the WBA, WBC, and IBF titles, his WBC mandatory was Lennox Lewis, a guy who knocked him out in the Olympics for the Gold Medal. In Bowe’s shot at redemption, a show of courage, giving the fans what they wanted, he instead took the WBC belt and threw it in a trashcan and said, “Lennox, if you want the belt, come get it, and you’ll be a trash picker.” There are a lot of cases where boxers drop titles to get a bigger, better, more challenging fight, and that is commendable, but Lennox Lewis was the biggest threat at the time, and no one bought, or would buy Bowe’s act, which I’m sure he is very sorry for doing. If he lost, he lost, he could get a rematch, maybe he would win – fact is, we’ll never know, he’ll never know, and he ducked him.

When this fight was announced I was very surprised that Floyd took it. I don’t think he had a choice, though, and now he is in a worse place. After taking off for over a year, and coming back and winning a decision over a lightweight that Manny Pacquaio and Chris John beat (at jr Lightweight and featherweight, respectively) Shane Mosley (this here gets odd, this will factor in the coming weeks) with Bernard Hopkins behind him, challenged Mayweather, in which he said, “I’ve been calling him out forever (a lie) he’s old and just trying to make a name for himself” – so Mosley took the high ground and signed to fight undefeated welter Andre Berto in a title unification fight, and Pacquaio knocked out Cotto and Margarito was suspended, yet just lost to Mosely, and Paul Williams was sick of no one wanting to fight him at welterweight, after beating Margarito, he went to Jr Middleweight and is now at Middlweight. And that pretty much sums up the Welterweight division. So everyone wanted to see this and Floyd was backed in a corner, see, Pacquiao does not need Mayweather, but Mayweather did need him. So they signed to fight.

[adinserter block=”2″]If you heard of “ridiculous” demands on Manny’s part for the fight, that’s not true. Pacquiao, and let me be clear, when I mention any boxer’s name, I am also at the same time including their “camp” which includes promoter, trainer, advisor, ect. The stipulation was that this would be a welterweight fight, for a welterweight title, and the welterweight “weight” is 147, and if Mayweather came in over that, he would be fined “some kind of outrageous figure” for every pound over. This is not ridiculous. Not many people know this, but Floyd Mayweather hasn’t fought a welterweight since 2006 – Carlos Baldomir, who had 9 losses and 6 draws. Yeah. See, the Mayweather – Marquez fight was a “catch-weight” – not welterweight, and it would be fought at 145, which is very kind to Floyd, whereas Marquez was coming from 135. At the weight in, Floyd was 147. When given time to drop 2 pounds Floyd weighed in again at 147 and happily paid Marquez 600, 000 dollars. He never attempted to make that weight, he never trained for it, and he would have rather paid the penalty, because, see, Marquez could have refused the fight, but this is Pay Per View, and more money than Marquez would ever make before or after. This may bring you to the question, “Why is Mayweather ranked number 3 at Welterweight when he hasn’t fought one in close to 4 years?” This is where another story starts.

Bob Arum was the man. He was the biggest promoter and then came Don King. They battled, but did business together. Bob Arum, through most of his career handled De La Hoya, who later on with a lot of money, was able to start “Golden Boy Promotions.” Arum had Pacquiao, De La Hoya met Pac Man at a steakhouse with a duffel bag filled with cash, that Pacquiao took, then gave back, pledging his allegiance to “Top Rank” (Arum) – a war was going on for a while with that, after Manny broke on the scene destroying Barerra and beating him again later because team “Golden Boy” is… Oscar, Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosley, and Marco Antonio Barerra.” The promotion is doing very well, and Oscar has made more money. This is where is crosses over, because throughout history “Ring” Magazine was known as “The Bible of Boxing.” And that would tell you the truth. Not anymore. If you open up Ring it will tell you Wladimir Klitschko is the heavyweight champ.

Not true, there is no heavyweight champ. More so, Oscar de la Hoya purchased Ring Magazine – he owns it. You may have read the “impartial” blog from Ring where Oscar implies that Manny did steroids – “I’ve felt the punches of” – blah, blah – “and Manny’s were the same, I’m not saying…” You just said it. Also, an interview with Floyd Sr., (convicted felon, along with Roger Mayweather, convicted felon, both failed boxers and not ever proven themselves as trainers – Roger may be going to serve jail time soon). Floyd Jr started as a pro when Floyd Sr was in prison, Floyd Sr before that got shot while holding Floyd Jr. – they never had a relationship, they don’t like each other, until the Marquez fight. Floyd Sr. and Roger don’t talk, maybe they do now) shows he blatantly accused Pacquaio taking anything he said he did and “juicing.” When the thing about Manny not wanting to get blood draw came up and we’ll get to that, Oscar found through tapes of 24/7 that Manny got blood drawn two weeks before he fought Ricky Hatton. While he was going thought the 24/7 series I wonder if he ran into the part where Floyd went on about how much he disliked Oscar. Who cares? Money is to be made, Golden Boy joined with “Mayweather Promotions” (which is as powerful as Floyd’s record label “Filthy Rich” – as powerful as my boxing promotion and record label which I have yet to name) to go up against Top Rank – with Floyd fighting Manny. Of course there’s going to be fighting and demands, but all in all, both parties want it. When it first came about the blood testing, I thought it was humorous, playing mind games.

All is fair with that. First off, I believe it was Floyd Sr.’s idea, although Floyd Jr went with it, when he asked for ridiculous testing that is done in the Olympics only for reasons of “comparing” blood because the Olympic games are spread out four years, and it is also true that blood tests can’t prove anything urine cannot, according to every boxing commission, especially Nevada, the one they were going to fight in, HGH is un-testable even in urine, and Manny never had an incident with testing positive for anything, if he was taking HGH, you would notice. However, it really baffles me that Oscar is not going to try to overturn his loss to Shane Mosley, because it came out that Shane Mosley, after sealed testament about Balco, lied to the public, because when the testimony came out, Mosley was in fact taking steroids, but… he’s with “Golden Boy” Lawsuits have been filed against Oscar, Richard Shaeffer, Floyd “Joy” Sinclair/Mayweather Sr., Roger “Black Mamba” Mayweather, Floyd jr., and I do not know who else.

In the end, Manny Pacquiao agreed to give blood two weeks before the fight, Mayweather demanded Olympic style, even though Manny also said after he would give blood right after, which would show you anything you need to know. Most likely, Pacquaio will be going up to Junior Middleweight to face 28-0 WBA champ Yuri Foreman, while Floyd is most likely going to fight Matthew Hatton, little brother of Ricky, who is worse than Ricky, has four losses, or Pauli Malignaggi who is a jr welterweight who got beat by Ricky Hatton and Cotto.

I was looking at a 2007 magazine, Floyd was “Welterweight Champ” (after beating Zab Judah and Carlos Baldomir) and under him were the names Cotto, Mosley, Margarito, Paul Williams, and at lightweight, Pacquiao. How he managed to not fight any of these 5 guys when he could have, and had an excuse for every one of them, and is now ranked number three at Welterweight really boggles my mind. I ask you not to look at race, Asian, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic – just look at the facts. It doesn’t matter what Floyd does now , it doesn’t matter what happens in the future, he cemented his status. Numbers don’t mean a thing in boxing, 40-0? Who did you beat? Jumping up in weight classes is nothing new, Pacquiao is a 7 division champ, Floyd is a 5 division, and Oscar is a 6 division champ. If you want to do some research, look at Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran and the weights he jumped, and the power he took with him.

Robert Earle Stanton is a freelance writer, short fiction author and novelist.

Editors note: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the, other contributors, or owners. These are the views of Robert Earle Stanton and only Robert Earle Stanton.

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  1. In theory, Floyd Just FOUND ANOTHER EXCUSE NOT TO FIGHT SOMEONE… his penchant of ducking fighters has FINALLY caught up with him… please read… It is hard to be a Floyd fan. But how is anything in question? Your words are "Floyd just in theory declared NSAC and other Athletic Commissions that rule boxing, are inept, inefficient, and useless" — I don't see it that way at all, I mean, he didn't declare that whatsoever, but SAY HE DID… who cares? It's Floyd Mayweather. This is TRUE, boxing fans know this, that maybe more, but at least the following fighters, he had excuses for not fighting… Joel Casamayor, Acelino Freitas, Kostya Tszyu, Antonio Margarito, Shane Moslley, Miguel Cotto, Paul Williams, and now Manny Pacquaio. At Welterweight, after he beat Zab Judah (who as a jr welter got KO"d in the second round by Kostya Tszyu, and at welter lost and got knocked down by Cory Spinks in their first fight, and lost to Carlos Baldomir, who was a warm up fight, the guy had 9 losses and 8 draws) Now, he had a choice, to fight the most respected and number one contender Antonio Margarito, or to fight a guy with a belt, yeah, Baldomir, again, who had 9 loses, and 6 draws) For Mayweather had a decision, either Margarito, a dangerous welterweight, or a guy from Columbia no one heard of that was terrible, for Margarito he would get paid 2 Million Dollars, for Baldomir, he would get paid 2 Million dollars, and oh, yeah, no lie, ONE MORE DOLLAR. He chose to take ONE more dollar, and embarrass himself while he hit and ran in a boring, horrible PPV fight no one bought to give Baldomir his 10th loss. This is still being brought up today. So was the extra dollar worth it, or did he get out fighting Margarito. He ducked Mosley for years. After Mayweather beat Lightweight Marquez by decision in another boring fight, Mosley came in the ring and challenged Mayweather. Mayweather didn't fight him, obviously, cause Mosley is fighting Berto for the WBA and WBC titles, so he said he'd fight Pacquaio, he got out of that one, now, and now Pacquaio is defending his WBO title against the well deserving Joshua Clottey (who a lot of people think beat Cotto and got ripped off, and he destroyed Corrales) and that will be held at THE DALLAS COWBOY'S NEW STADIUM. Who is Floyd gonna fight? Do think he could Pack Cowboy's Stadium? He's gonna fight either Pauli Malignaggi, a jr welterweight, who Pacquaio didn't fight because he didn't wanna hurt him, no lie, Paulie has 26 wins and 5 knockouts, 3 losses, to Cotto, Hatton, and Juan Diaz. Or, Mayweather is gonna fight Matthew Hatton, brother of Ricky Hatton, who has FOUR Losses, and his last fight, the ONLY name guy one his record, Lovemore N'Dou he fought to a DRAW. N'Dou has TEN losses, and lost to guys like Sharmba Mitchell, Ricky Hatton, Mallignaggi twice, Cotto, and five others. Matthew couldn't beat him and he may fight Mayweather OR Mayweather might have a rematch with RICKY HATTON… HA, WHY? He already beat him, and Pac Man demolished him in two rounds. Finally, boxing is the sport that's the toughest on Steroids. Now, Mayweather is calling out Pacquaio and Mosley, but this is the deal, will Mayweather now make Molsey go through these blood tests? Because, Mosley DID TAKE STEROIDS, but Oscar don't say that, either, cuz Mosley works for Oscar, even though Mosley was on Steroids when he beat Oscar. Is Mayweather gonna TRY this ridiculous blood testing on EVERYONE? No one knows what went on with the mediator, but first, Arum came out and said, "we said we'd do bloodtesting up until twenty-three days until the fight and Floyd said No." Then Floyd came out and said, "I even offered them to take it twenty three days before. Then Floyd said, "No, I want him to get tested up until the fight. Floyd is NOT the commission, he has been in trouble for spousal abuse, his father was in prison for selling drugs, Roger is GOING to serve a prison term soon… I THINK WHAT MAYWEATHER DECLARED WAS THAT HE DOESN"T WANT TO FIGHT ANYONE THAT HE THINKS CAN BEAT HIM. I'll give you a test right now, Who did Mayweather beat – he's 40-0 – tell me his biggest win, and it's NOT Oscar De la Hoya, which he only won by a Split Decision, I could tell you right now his biggest win and a fight he looked the best in. You probably never even heard of the guys. SO TELL ME. There was also a TITLE fight that, watching it, THE GENERAL public at the time, did NOT think Mayweather won, they thought he got a gift, what fight was that? Plus, when Mayweather fought Judah, Judah hit Mayweather low, and Roger Mayweather ran in the ring… if anyone in your corner comes ih the rnig at ANY time you are DISQUALIFIED, why wasn't Floyd DQ'd? I can't answer that, they ripped off Roy Jones.

  2. It's hard to be a floyd fan this days! I mean the hate and the envy and jealousy are coming out of their mouth! Floyd just put the whole sports of boxing into question. Now every ATG, GOAT, HOFs dead and alive will have their legacy questioned because floyd just in theory declared NSAC and other Athleti Commissions that rule boxing, are inept, inefficient and useless!!!

  3. Thanks to this article. This question seems to sum up the story. "Why is Mayweather ranked number 3 at Welterweight when he hasn’t fought one in close to 4 years?” Not Mosley. Not Cotto. Not Williams (then welterweight). Not Clottey. Not Margarito. This time, not Pacquiao. Shame the Mayweathers had to destroy Pacquiao's reputation just to get out of the fight. Why is he no.2 in P4P rankings anyway?


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