No Big Surprises in the 2009 WWE Draft


The seventh WWE Draft is in the books. Last night’s draft was expected to shake things up for the next 12-14 months in the WWE. Unfortunately this year’s draft did not have the same kind of impact as last year’s event. Nonetheless there were some predictable moves, some not-so predictable moves, and some second chances for stars who have been hitting the proverbial glass ceiling.

The biggest, yet not surprising draft move was Triple H officially going back to RAW. It is quite a contrast from last year when Triple H was drafted to SmackDown. As I wrote yesterday, the move isn’t really doesn’t have the same kind of impact as last year considering that Triple H has been on RAW for several weeks. Interestingly enough, like last year, this does give one brand both world champions.

[adinserter block=”2″]Arguably the most surprising draft move was Chris Jericho being drafted back to SmackDown. I think Jericho had a ton of momentum following the Shawn Michaels feud last year. Jericho quickly shot up to the top heel spot on RAW and won the title. Lately it looks almost as if the writers don’t know what to do with him. Jericho has been floundering around with no real purpose. I like the move and am really looking forward to a potential feud with Undertaker.

I threw out some names yesterday of younger talent that really needed a shot in the arm last night. Either someone was reading my article or I got very lucky on predictions. MVP, Matt Hardy, and CM Punk will all be switching brands. Maryse, Vladimir Kozlov and Miz will also be switching brands and all going to RAW.

I think the biggest benefactor from this bunch is CM Punk. Even as champion, Punk was never pushed as a top babyface. Punk has the potential to reach the top babyface spot on SmackDown right behind Undertaker. Punk also gives Edge a fresh foe with immediate history. I would expect big things out of CM Punk on SmackDown. Matt Hardy could transition into Chris Jericho’s spot on RAW if given the chance. I like all of these moves.

Big Show and Kane will have new homes as a result of the draft. Kane goes to SmackDown and Big Show goes to RAW. Like Triple H, Show’s move is pretty inconsequential considering how often he has been on RAW lately. Kane to SmackDown will likely mean another Kane-Undertaker match. I don’t think these are bad moves, but pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

[adinserter block=”1″]The day after last year’s draft, I wrote that the 2008 draft may go down in history as the most historic of all drafts. I won’t write that today about last night’s draft. I think it is a bit odd that you have a lot of champions on one brand. I don’t think that anything will immediately change between both shows. I don’t expect to look back a year from now and think any differently. Keep in mind that will have a supplemental draft on Wednesday, so the door is still open.

The more things change, the more they stay the same for the WWE.

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