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Nick Diaz vs. Georges St-Pierre Set for UFC 137

The UFC threw the MMA world a welcome curve ball today when it announced that Nick Diaz will challenge Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137. This marks the first official UFC vs. Strikeforce Super Fight since the merging of the two companies.

[adinserter block=”1″]Dana White made the official fight announcement today on his Twitter. “U wanted it! U GOT IT!!! GSP vs DIAZ Oct 29th UFC 137 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.” Game on!

The news is a big surprise after Dave Meltzer reported over the weekend that Showtime had blocked plans for a Diaz vs. GSP Super Fight. Dana White also fielded questions over the weekend at UFC 130 about the fight and flat out denied any plans for a fight. At one point White accused the MMA media of “making too much out of this thing.” Regardless of the change, the fight is official for October 29th.

The announcement however is consistent with numerous media reports that indicated that a Diaz vs. GSP fight was a done deal. Meltzer reported at one point that the UFC and Spike TV were planning on making both fighters head coaches for The Ultimate Fighter season 14. Those duties will go to Jason Miller and Michael Bisping.

The story behind this fight is almost as fascinating to me as the fight itself. If Showtime really did attempt to block the fight, how was it made? Did the UFC find a loophole in the Showtime contract? Was this a negotiating ploy from one of the parties? Will the UFC give Showtime some kind of a make good? I am curious to hear if Dana White will address this at some point or just shoot the rumors down entirely.

A USA Today article on the fight reports that Zuffa began looking into making this fight immediately after the Strikeforce purchase became official. Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie also told USA Today that Diaz recently signed a brand new eight fight deal with the UFC. Under the terms of the new deal, Diaz will continue to fight for Strikeforce in addition to the UFC. The new deal also prevents Diaz from boxing while under contract.

The new contract is reportedly what made the deal happen. When I wrote about Showtime’s resistance to the fight I mentioned in my blog that the UFC could just either cut him and re-sign him or negotiate a new deal. I have to believe that this will be the plan of attack going forward on any future fights that the UFC desires to make that Showtime block.

It should also be pointed out that reports indicate that only the UFC welterweight championship will be on the line. I don’t know if that means Diaz will retain his belt regardless of the result or if there will only be one unified championship under the UFC banner as of October 29. Now this is where I could see the Showtime contracts being an issue with Strikeforce’s broadcast partner not wanting to lose one of its belts.

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The fight also opens up the question about other Strikeforce vs. UFC Super Fights or championship battles. Now that the damn is finally broken, will the UFC begin importing other Strikeforce fighters into the promotion? Will Zuffa simply cut and re-sign fighters they wish to integrate into the UFC? Will there be any other fights between both companies before the end of the year? What is the point of even keeping Strikeforce open if all of the top guys will be fighting in the UFC?

[adinserter block=”1″]GSP vs. Diaz immediately becomes the biggest UFC fight of 2011 in MMA. There is no bigger fight on the schedule for the rest of the year or the immediate future. The fight pits two of the most polarizing athletes in MMA against each other for a true clash of elite fighters. Both fighters come into the battle with a combined 19 straight wins, 10 for Diaz, and 9 for GSP. This would also be Diaz’s first official fight back in the UFC in almost five years. Diaz’s last fight came at UFC 65 with a win over Gleison Tibau.

This would also mark the first time that Georges St-Pierre has fought three times in one year since 2007. GSP tends to fight a two-fight annual schedule, but a recent report indicated that he was interested in trying to fight as much as possible from now on. This will also mark the first time GSP has defended the welterweight title three times in one year.

An early look at the fight would point to GSP having a big advantage over Diaz on the mat and in the stand up game. Diaz has rolled off ten wins in a row but hasn’t fought anyone like GSP during his streak. Most MMA observers expect GSP to smother Diaz on the ground with his superior wrestling skills. Diaz’s manager Cesear Gracie told the USA Today reporter, “Nick is going to counter his wrestling with true black-belt jiu-jitsu, Gracie jiu-jitsu.”

Going to the ground with GSP? Good luck with that one.

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  1. nick diaz is better now than he ever was! josh koshcheck beat paul daley and everyone said that was great and that got him a title shot …but when diaz beat daley ,and beat him severe, all of a sudden daley is a mediocre opponent?????? gsp is overated ,hes a judges champion not a fighting champ, look at gsp's title defenses, decision,decision,decision,decision…look at diaz's title defenses ko,tko,submission,ko,see what i mean its nick diaz round 3 tko..but i hope he just pounds pierre in round 1

  2. Diaz will OWN George St. Pierre that night, Diaz has FAR more experience in MMA than GSP, Nick Diaz is one of the only fighters who steps into the ring as a warrior, not as an athlete…athletes tend to be boring, like GSP. I freakin love watching Nick Diaz frustrate the sh*t out of other fighters as he adds insults to their injuries. The fightrs are called "ultimate FIGHTER" not "classiest competitor". I wish more fighters would fight with the intensity of Nick Diaz. Here's to the Albuquerque, New Mexico toughness, here's to a long career finally rewarded, go tear GSP's face apart Nick, you got all of ChucoTown El Paso, TX behind you Bro!!!

  3. Its not U.S.A vs Canada but two great mma fighters going to butt heads! I have seen both fight and think GSP is one of the best at his weight, and nick is wirey and great at being on the ground,but I think GSP is one bad ass m /f and the best he is not a big mouth,does his job pretty or not!!!

  4. None of you know what your talking about. Its going to be a good fight but GSP has a 70% chance to win this fight because nick diaz is going to be tough to beat he is better than GSP on his feet and we all know that GSP is just another Matt hughes but GSP is 100 times better he is a better wrestler but Diaz is dangerous on the floor and I think NIck Diaz can beat him but im not saying he is anything can happen in the cage.

  5. DIAZ WILL PULL OFF THE UPSET! GSP looked like he was scared to go to the ground with shields, he will have to go to the ground with nick cuz nick is going to hit him hard and often if he tries that shit with him, when they go down gsp will try to milk the clock and control him but diaz will submit him in the late rounds or when they are forced to stand cuz gsp milking the clock, nick will knock HIM OUT!!

  6. DIAZ WILL PULL OFF THE UPSET! GSP looked like he was scared to go to the ground with shields, he will have to go to the ground with nick cuz nick is going to hit him hard and often if he tries that shit with him, when they go down gsp will try to milk the clock and control him but diaz will submit him in the late rounds or when they are forced to stand cuz gsp milking the clock, nick will knock HIM THE F*CK OUT!!

  7. "The fight pits two of the most polarizing athletes in MMA against each other…"

    Is GSP polarizing? Please explain.

  8. Don't you Nick Diaz "USA" supporters get it….GSP will walk over this loser, just like he has with his last 9 opponents….Shields destorys Diaz in the gym, and he had nothing for GSP….GSP in round 2 easy….go Canuks…

  9. @pklMMA, PLEASE. Just because you don't happen to fight under the UFC banner it doesn't make you inferior to the chumps that do. Match every Strikeforce Champ against every UFC chump and I bet Strikeforce wins every match except for maybe Henderson-Jones. YES Jacare Souza would beat down Todd Bridges, oh I mean "The Spider". Diaz knocks GSP off his little UFC pedestal come OCT. 29th! USA! USA! USA!

    • Are you kidding? You think Jacare would beat Anderson Silva? Jon Jones is the only one with a good chance.

      I think Gilbert Melendez is the only one with a good chance of beating Edgar or Maynard. Diaz has a better chance against GSP than Shields because of his striking, but Shields had better BJJ. Shields was an elite MW champ at Strikeforce who didn't do anything but throw eyepokes against GSP.

    • "…except for maybe Anderson-Jones."-What?The guy who lost vs Shields?That guy will beat Bone Jones?Nah….
      I dont think we watch the sport the same way me and you….
      And I hope you'll be man enough to post on this site come oct 30!!!
      Cuz what Rory did to Nate D. is nothing compare to what GSP is going to do to
      Nick"the class act"Diaz.
      Who's going to help him with his wrestling?Shields?Hugues?Fitch?Who Earl?

      lol,the truth is,we are all (the fans) winners,cuz it will be a hell of a fight,no doubt.

  10. @LJUH,you will be a sad homie come that October 29th.

    And @EARL,Diaz wouldn't be able to beat BJ,Fitch and I will even add Koscheck!!!
    Hes got a paper belt around the waist! LoL
    You all know,if he doesnt make a mistake,GSP is unbeatable.

  11. diaz all the way…GSP looked horrible in his fight with Shields..and remember shields is in the same camp as diaz…I WILL BE AT THE FIGHT IN VEGAS….

  12. After the first two minutes of Diaz tattooing GSP's face with jabs and straight rights GSP will look to take Diaz to the ground where he will be submitted by Diaz end of story. USA! USA! USA!

  13. This is going to be huge.

    This is also going to remove the credibility of a whole Strikeforce weight division when GSP inevitably wins.

    Man it should be a f***ing awesome fight though.

  14. GSP will make a fool out of Diaz…..C'mon Nick,dont be afraid homie.
    What Rory did to your brother is nothing compared to what GSP is going to make out of you!!!

    Cant wait for this fight,and it seem soooooo far away!
    And GSP is frustrated these days,most definitely because of his couple last fights didnt go the way he planned them to.Diaz will pay for all the other,I'm pretty sure abt it.

    It will be a great fight guys…Damn MMA rules 🙂


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