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Nick Diaz Tests Positive For Marijuana Following UFC 143 Fight

Nick DiazThe UFC 143 rematch between Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit was on and off within 24 hours without much explanation. Well a new report by the NSAC fills us in and reveals that Nick Diaz failed a drug test before the fight for marijuana and will now face a likely one-year suspension.

What was speculated for the last 24 hours has finally been confirmed. The Nevada State Athletic Commission reports that Nick Diaz has tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his UFC 143 fight against Carlos Condit. Diaz will now face disciplinary action which will likely be a one-year suspension from professional fighting.

[ad 6]The news is crushing for MMA fans hoping to see the Condit vs. Diaz fight and Diaz fans in general. Diaz is without a doubt one of the most polarizing fighters in the UFC. You either love him or hate him. A lot of people love him and today, they are having a hard time making excuses for their hero.

As a fight fan and a Diaz fan, I am completely baffled. The kid was turning into one of the biggest drawing cards in the UFC. Early estimates for UFC 143 are at around 400,000 which is an impressive number for a non-title fight. The Georges St-Pierre fight would have hovered at anywhere between 800,000-1,000,000 buys. How anyone could throw this all away for marijuana is just stunning.

The kicker here is that if Diaz won the fight, he would have been idle until at least November for the St-Pierre showdown. He could have had plenty of time to do as much marijuana as he wanted and clean up before his next fight. Obviously the guy is smart enough to know what he was doing. Why he would put everything in jeopardy is a mystery.

This is Diaz’s second positive drug test, so he’ll get an automatic one-year suspension. Diaz was first suspended back in 2006 when he fought Takanori Gomi in Las Vegas, NV for Pride FC. It was Diaz’s first fight after leaving the UFC. That was five years ago and somehow over the last five years he has been able to remain clean. Diaz did say that he was going to retire following his UFC 143 fight. Now he won’t have a choice, at least for a year.

The irony here is that whenever Dana White was asked about Nick Diaz over the last several years, he responded that he’d love to have Diaz back in the UFC if he could play the game. In only two fights, Diaz has managed to miss several press conferences and fail a drug test. It would appear to someone like me who only took one psychology class in college that the guy has a big problem with pressure. Getting popped in his first Pride FC fight and now for a test before the biggest fight of his career isn’t a coincidence.

[adinserter block=”1″]So Diaz is out until at least next February, barring some kind of miracle appeal. It actually works out well for the GSP fight. If GSP fights in November, he should be ready to fight Diaz in February win or lose against Condit. I have never been a fan of a guy failing a drug test getting a big fight in his return but there is way too much money on the table here for the UFC to lose.

Condit will likely fight the Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez winner next. Needless to say, Condit vs. Ellenberger/Sanchez will bring in nowhere near the money of a Diaz rematch. Unfortunately that is neither Condit nor the UFC’s fault.

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  1. The UFC is a joke itself if they are going to ban people for WEED… Absolutely mind-boggling… What does weed have to do with MMA? I thought drug tests were to make sure they were not using anything performance enhancing and instead are pushing some sort of moral agenda. JUST BECAUSE IT IT HAPPENS TO STILL BE ILLEGAL DOESN'T MEAN THEY HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT HIM TESTING POSITIVE. I just lost all respect for Dana White and will NEVER buy or support any kind of PPV from him ever again. I am voting with my wallet!

  2. I wouldn't say that Diaz has an issue with pressure. He has been one of the biggest advocates in MMA, only next to Joe Rogan, of legalizing marijuana. Maybe he just has a problem with weed. I bet he didn't stay clean for 5 years. He just never got caught. I would have rolled a fat one after that fight if I got robbed like he did.

    • First,he wasnt robbed!

      He doesnt "just have a problem with weed"!!!
      -The missed press conferences,(not only he missed the presser,he went AOL!!He ran through the back door of C.Gracie's house.Nobody knew where he was!Nothing to do with weed!
      -He missed 3 flights before getting to Vegas for the fight.
      -He missed a cpl drug test while in strikeforce.

      And of course he did not stop for 5 yrs!Theres plenty of YT vids online where you can see him smoke (while training,riding his bike,etc…)

  3. He knew that night and there is your reason for him saying he wants to retire. The dude just doesnt care about fighting enough to do the little things to be great. As much as I dislike him the kid one of the best but there is so much talent that he is wasting with stupid stuff like this. Smh

  4. OK now, let's see… who on earth didn't know Nick Diaz smokes pot? How on earth is this medical marijuana banned from legitimate fighter? Everyone knows Nick Diaz smokes marijuana. Who doesn't, huh? I know if I were fighting someone, I have them smoke as much as they wanted to. If anything, it would be to my advantage. Imagine trying to fight, while stoned?

  5. Despite the legality, he knew the rules and he still broke them. He proved his stupidity, and that's all that needs to be said.

    • As a pot smoker myself,I'll give you my 2¢;
      The weed criminalisation is one of the biggest non-sens law out there!(even tho he has the right…for the "usual person" its still illegal)

      But in MMA its the damn rule.The author said it in his article;The dude as plenty of time to smoke weed but he is not above the rule.
      My cousin was a trucker and he lost his LISENCE becuz he had weed in his urine.Its stupid,it doesnt make any sens…but its the rules.

      IMO,hes lucky to keep the money.

      And ppl dont make a big deal abt the weed itself…its the stupidity.

  6. Why? It's not performance enhancing. This reminds me of the sh*t they gave Ricky Williams. Legalize it and sports should START this revolution.


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