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Nick Diaz Fined & Suspended For One Year

The Nick Diaz-Nevada State Athletic Commission saga has finally come to an end. After legal maneuverings from Diaz, he finally had his day in court with the NSAC and while he gave a valiant effort, Diaz will be put on ice for one year.

[adinserter block=”2″]This was some scene today as Diaz pleaded his case to the NSAC for what seemed like hours. I tried watching the proceedings but it just didn’t end. Diaz to his credit told his story and answered all questions from the NSAC. Yet the end of the story concluded the way most MMA experts predicted with Diaz on the losing side of the legal battle.

The hearing today came as a result of Diaz testing positive for Marijuana metabolites after his UFC 143 fight with Carlos Condit. Diaz was suspended with a hearing pending Diaz producing a medical exemption card. Diaz sued claiming that the NSAC failed to give Diaz a hearing within the legal time frame. That argument was thrown out and the NSAC will punish Diaz for his positive test.

It was a unanimous vote against Diaz. Diaz will be suspended for one year effective February 3, 2011, the date of his last fight. Diaz will also have to pay a $79,500 fine which I am sure he isn’t happy about considering how often he complains about money. So for those of you doing the math out there, you will have to wait nine months before the chaos known as Nick Diaz comes back to the UFC.

I did find Diaz’s attorney fascinating during the hearing. To be honest, I was almost convinced that Diaz would get off after hearing some of Ross Goodman’s arguments. One of Goodman’s main points was that there was no conclusive way to determine whether Diaz used marijuana within the fight time frame. He also argued that the metabolite Diaz tested positive for was an inactive metabolite.

A fascinating tidbit from the hearing came from Keith Kizer. Kizer testified that Diaz’s sample after the BJ Penn fight came back diluted. He did not positive, but Kizer believed it was diluted. I had never heard or seen that reported anywhere.

I don’t necessarily feel sorry for Diaz but there is a part of me that thinks his punishment was a bit harsh. It is hard to argue in my mind that what Diaz did by having metabolites in his system is a lot worse than what Alistair Overeem and the circumstances surrounding Overeem when it came to trying to cover up his infraction. Yet after all is said and done Overeem got 9 months and Diaz got 12 with a heavier fine. It just smacks of inconsistency which is a major problem I have with these state athletic commissions.

[adinserter block=”1″]So there will be no Diaz vs. Condit rematch nor a Diaz vs. GSP fight in 2012. This presents an interesting predicament for the UFC. Condit won the “interim” welterweight title when he defeated Diaz in February. Condit has said publicly that he didn’t want to take another fight until GSP comes back which would not be until November. Some felt that Condit and/of the UFC were just stalling until the Nick Diaz situation played out. Now that Diaz is on ice, will Condit fight before November? If not, what was the point of crowning an interim champion? Will the UFC force Condit to fight?

I am and have been a Nick Diaz fan for a long time. I hope that at some point the worlds align for the GSP vs. Diaz fight in 2013. Other than Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva, it is the biggest fight that the UFC could make. I just hope that this grudge match hasn’t gone up in smoke for good.

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